Day 4 : beginning working on algo and thinking post-mortem

Since 2 hours ago, i just start working on interesting side of coding games : mecanism !
it's very basic but it draws possible future of Glory_hole.

It does now take account of time dimension, so you can promise money or some diplomatic / commercial / secret action ; if you don't respect on time
what you promised, it's very dangerous. But thanks to this you can delay from impossible situation,
It gives possibility to anticipate expected earnings for exemple when you can not immediately satisfy a request.

I want to put an interactive map but it will be hard i think.

I wonder how i can design to easily feed an hypothetic event engine and event handler.

You interact with peason, nobless, aristocracy, clergy and your war ministry.

3 days left... it will be a kind of demo / proof of concept rather than a little game.

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demo is fine, to be honest, I want to make a demo too...