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I have no idea what's going on, but some of the dialogue is funny. :) I get married, I get +100 fun
and -90 freedom! But only for the first year.

Anyway, this is a cool toy, but all these numbers seem to be a bit meaningless. They don't seem to
affect anything, at least not that I see, and the available options are always the same. Maybe
I'm wrong and this is not the point of the game, but it would be cool if you had to manage these
numbers and they made more of a difference.

I do like some of the dialogue, but if you're making a story-based game, your english gets in the
way a bit. I don't mind of course if your english is not great, but keep in mind that it will affect
the fun if you try to write a story-based game, so you could either ask someone to proofread, or
do a different type of game.

Good work though! I hope your first Pyweek was fun and you're still around next time!

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I screwed up picking the directory when I installed renpy and couldn't figure out how to create
a new project from an existing directory (it just creates new empty projects).

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I actually didn't know what to do in the game. It seemed to me to randomly deciding something
with no to little effect. And always the same questions.... not sure if that was the intention
or not working properly. Also dowloading and installing the renpy dependency is not my
favorit thing to do.

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Gave up using Ren'py.

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I like the setting - it was an excellent choice to use the photos of palaces as backgrounds. I
didn't understand what I was supposed to do though. I seemed to keep earning huge amounts of
money. Going to war didn't seem to do anything.

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Difficult to understand how to play in the current status. It is now more a demo than a real game,
with some bugs (some dialogues contain code, ...).

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This project doesn't include any information on how to run it. I do not believe it is in working

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I didn't appreciate the whole "if you get married you have less freedom and can't participate
in PyWeek" "joke", so I pretty much gave up trying to play it after that