Day 7 - Post Mortem

Renpy is interesting to deploy ultra fast prototype but need framework knowledge to use it the right way and is not made for every type of game.
I lost very to much time for silly things.
I would have prefered to fight against python or low levels concept.

Pyweek : 7 days. Your brain have to find a story, a game play that sticks with the requested theme. You have to be artist and in the code. With real life beside... If you want to make something ambitious, you decuplate bugs and finally you have trouble to finish it at last shipping time.

Glory_hole : I'm not proud about my code, it's litteraly awful. But i'm happy to have stand in competition and to show you an idea of what it could be
if it was written the right way with adapted tools, concentration, enought sleeping time.

To be continued...

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Does anyone happen to know how to start a renpy project on Ubuntu? I couldn't figure it out from the readme. I installed renpy and then ran this:
renpy game

Which failed with a gazillion errors, starting with:

File "gui.rpy", line 7: expected statement.
    init offset = -2

File "screens.rpy", line 5: expected statement.
    init offset = -1

File "screens.rpy", line 13: style property properties is not known.
    properties gui.text_properties()

File "screens.rpy", line 18: style property properties is not known.
    properties gui.text_properties("input", accent=True)

And then a bunch more like that.

I made it work by downloading and unpacking renpy, copying the game/ directory into it, then running "sh".
sorry i just came here now, it goes better ?
i am still working on it, it is just coming "interesting", i am looking for renpyer to clean bugs or get suggestion.

i hope it will be possible to drop here an "after judge" playing version.