Day 2 - what i underestimated

I am using renpy framework.
It's used to make visual novels.

 I discovered it few days before pyweek. It seemed very simple and easy to use at first sight.

And i wanted to join it for RPG side, with pygame for more arcade or tactic side.

but renpy is deep... and has its own rules.
And its compatible with python 2 only.

so i am struggling for learning fast renpy syntax and architecture, and for finding a way to make an adapter to launch pygame under python 3.6
I am thinking about save files to make the join, and a wrapper around all this.
so funny today..

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Well, I think Python 2 is fine, a lot of people using Python 2, I am not sure pygame is OK on python 3.6. Anyhow, I agree with you that it would be funny day if you really modify it :)
I really dislike writting with python 2 !
In fact, such situation happened to me, and I also ask such question on reddit.
QG = quartiers generaux (head quarters)
i cant delete or edit the comment and the linked file picture changed .