Day 3 - what i realized at half time

Economy vs Politic

I spent my time in renpy forums and documentation, i writte very few.

 I lack medium sized open source examples on renpy.
I was stuck about navigation troubles.

 I resolved it with half-solution which are entire new problemes. It's still totally unplayable, maybe tomorrow...

Forget arcade or tactic minigames, i just try to finish pyweek with a dirty demo about using renpy. But maybe it will give ideas about "add-on" or "mods".

For the context, it's about french king Louis XIV which spent his life on reaching GLORY through Arts (Versailles, le Louvre, Paints, Litterature,...) and
crushing his european neighbourg.
 It was very hard for him to balance it , and his taste for laddies and religion was complex to manage, and avoiding people starvation and revolution.

He was always choosing on which "vital need" to cut to feed the other ones.
Which was The Lesser of Two Evils ? Its depends which part of his life.

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Interesting game! Come