Forbid python 2 for next pyweeks please

Please use python 3 for next pyweeks.

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While I never use Python 2 myself, and prefer Python 3 hugely, I think forbidding it entirely seems rather strong. I'm not sure of a better solution.

Here's a survey, anyway:

Maybe that will help shed some light onto the consensus around versions.
I recommend submitting a DNW (Does Not Work) rating for any games that don't support Python 3, if you feel that way. I think that when people see that supporting Python 3 will get them more players, it'll get the message across.

Of the survey responses it seems most respondents went with the versions of Python that are supported, which are currently 2.7 and 3.4 to 3.7.

I propose we make this a formal rule, which means that you can vote to disqualify Python 2 entries from the first competition in 2020 (which would be Pyweek 29, by my reckoning).

Yes, I like this idea!
Isn't Pyweek supposed to be a fun, supportive environment? Marking perfectly good entries with DNW just because they're in Python 2 seems like a dick move to me.

DNW doesn't affect the scores, but I know what you mean - it's a bit ungenerous to those who have spent a week making a game for you.

It's a stronger case once Python 2 is officially unsupported, especially if we formally put it in the rules.

For what it's worth when I mark an entry as DNW it's not meant to be a criticism. I do it for other entries that don't have bugs, for instance if they use a library I spend 20 minutes trying to install and it still won't work. I have a limited amount of time to make each game work, so the truth is the more dependencies you have the more likely it won't happen for me, though I do always try. I'm fine with people using exotic libraries as long as they understand that fewer people will be able to play it. Letting them know I was in that category will help them make an informed decision. That's how I see it anyway.
I support Python 2 and 3. It's not that hard.
Current rules recommend to use Skellington 1.9. But it is incompatible with python3.
Lets change the rules and Skellington after this pyweek.
I developed with python 2 for the last one and got a lot of comments that asked me to move to python 3. So this time I did. I'm hoping that's the same with most people 
it may as well be for 2020 if it happens.. but not this year