The “Knows the lambda” Award

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Lawn Fairy (Wood&Wolf)
As a Lawn Fairy, it is your mission to protect your piece of garden. Blow bugs away from grass blades before they eat everything!
Lawn Order - SVU (dbcgames)
Grumpy George doesn't like those dang kids all up on his lawn. But he sure does like to get himself a piece of Martha's sweet sweet apple pie!
CampDivisible (CampDivisible)
PyGameSF entry to pyweek. Hopefully we will have some fun! Note by playing or downloading this game or viewing this pyweek entry you hereby agree to be bound by the terms and conditions outlined in the DuraTurf HandySod License Agreement, a copy of which can be found here:
Suburbia! (24-7 Donkeys)
NOTE: Rated T for Teen (swearing, descriptions of violence)

We took the theme "Get Off My Lawn" and tried to dig deep into the mentality of the kind of person that would say such a thing - what is "Get off my lawn!" really about? It's about someone who is unhappy with his life and is taking it out on others. It's about trying to control that little rectangle you feel ownership over, amid forces that are ultimately beyond your control. It's about dissatisfaction. It's about aging. It's about ennui.

We found that it was pretty hard to make a game about ennui. But we consider it a success.
Will I be able to burn the candle from both ends?
LAWN: Terror From The Green (LAWN: Terror From The Green)
A lighthearted tactical stealth game for the theme "Get off my lawn!", LAWN:TFTG puts you in control of a group of young children on a mission to rescue their football.

Tips to players:

Tip 1: Click on stars on the map to start missions.

Tip 2: If you only have 1 non-panicked kid left, restart the mission by pressing SHIFT-R. There's no penalty for retrying.

Tip 3: Distraction is key. The elderly turn towards sources of sound. Even if they heard something, another sound can divert their attention again.

Tip 4: Kids can move off the lawn while others can't.

Download Mac OS X disk image

Download Windows executable

Download source (platform-independent)

(These links are for the post-competition version 1.5.)

Watch trailer

Woot! Team consists of: Brian Glen Hatem Jerry Michael Mike Ryan Wes
Bregma (Bregma)

A philosophical game about life... Will Pragma be able to recover from the loss of her prized cat Bregma? Can she save her remaining kittens from the neighborhood children? Will her azalea bushes grow in this drought?!

Instructions for playing:

W-A-S-D: Moves Pragma Around
Left Mouse: Sprays hose

Spray 33% of the azalea bushes to start the game!!

Leaving Home (Outside)
The door's open, you just need to get outside.

Myna Weft Golf (Greg the Incomprehensible)
My Two Fang Elf
My Wet Fog Flan
My New Flag Frog
My Wet Golf Fan
Elf Got My Fawn
My Waffle Tong
Weft My Flagon
Myna Weft Golf <-- Okay, this is it

That piece of yarn looks nice... it would make a great lining for a nest! But it's all strewn about... I'll have to roll it up before I can take it home...

Benjamin Butterbloom and the evil supergardeners (Trobadours)
Hurray it's pyweek again. This is my fourth pyweek and like all other pyweeks before i'm sure, that it's going to be a lot of fun. The last pyweek my motivation lacked a little bit because, the content creation was far to ambitious for a solo entry, so this time i concentrate on the game mechanics and not so much on gfx and sfx. To all of you: Have a nice pyweek!
Lawning day (0 != None)
Build the loveliest park, but don't let the people get on your lawn.

Finished on time!
I Am Lagomorph (Yukkuri)
Do it slowly, take it easy, row row fight the powah.
BubbMan 2 (8ball)
BubbMan 2
Featuring Adventure Island type gameplay with a little Sonic the Hedgehog thrown in, BubbMan 2 is the second entry in the series.

After his adventures in the Dododu Mountains, BubbMan decided he needed a vacation. Having a sharp craving for linguine, he jumped in his plane and set off for Solini Plaza. Unfortunately, his engine died while flying over the Snoofly Hills. After barely managing to bail out, his plane crashed in the middle of a large green patch of lawn. Sprawled on the grass, he looks up - and sees a giant lawn mower. Looking up a little more, he sees an old man's beard. Still more, and he sees the old man's face. (Later BubbMan recalled what a pretty shade of purple it was!) Suddenly, the engine reved up, and BubbMan started running for dear life - the old man in the lawn mower was chasing him, and screaming something about getting off his lawn, azaleas, and hot rod airplanes. Can BubbMan keep up his energy and make his escape?

You can throw rocks! X key! :)