March 2024 challenge: “Tube”

The Boring Game - An Awesome Week

Posted by MysteryCoder456 on 2024/03/24 12:46

PyWeek 37 is finally over!

I'd been looking forward to this week for nearly a month. My high-school senior year finals were about to begin when it occurred to me that PyWeek was just around the corner. Luckily, the huge gap between my second-to-last (9 March) and last exam (2 April) allowed me to participate. The best part is that my last exam is Computer Science; majority of the syllabus is Python, so I had yet another excuse not to miss this epic week.

Overall, I had a really fun week brainstorming, game-developing and pushing goofy git commit messages to my repository. Usually, I'd have borrowed assets from or But this time, all the art was made in-house with a tinge of inspiration from online sources. I figured I'd give it a shot since I'd recently got my hands on Aseprite, and I'm so glad that I did!

Anyways, I wish good luck to all the entrants. I hope everyone had as much fun as I did :)

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The Tube - Days 4, 5 and 6

Posted by _dawka_ on 2024/03/24 12:21

Added obstacles, collisions, sfx, music, death animation, intro cutscene. Overall 6 different things, but who would count... Now packaging and doing readme stuff...

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London - Incredible Fun - Pyweek 37: Looking Back

Posted by SirBilby on 2024/03/24 08:59

This has been super fun. 

When we started this challenge we went into it not expecting to do very well. Three school kids with busy lives up against a bunch of experienced programmers with tons of free time? No way. 

But for me, it was never about the winning. Rather, it was about the experiences along the way. Programming and computer science is my passion and learning pygame has long since been a goal of mine, so the knowledge I have gained and the experiences along the way  have been priceless. It’s been incredible fun and I hope to do it again next time!! 

And hey - for a first ever game jam…I think we did pretty well! You’ve gotta start somewhere, and the only way from here is up…

- SirBilby signing off..for now…

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One fish two fish - finally finished

Posted by Hammish47 on 2024/03/23 23:45

god this was a grind

I bascially made this in two days, its not very polished but I'm still decently happy with it

Ideally I would make the fishes mechanics more clean, add more interesting mechanics, add a background, more Ui, and better sound

anyway I hope you enjoy it and I hope it works

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London - The End?

Posted by TheKing on 2024/03/23 22:58

First and last diary entry of pyweek. I had randomly found about this game jam when I joined python's discord a few weeks ago, just to see if it would be useful in my journey. When I heard about it I asked a school mate to join me in an attempt to make a game as we had both been independently learning pygame, he was up for it and here we are. This is my experience of pyweek (won't be mentioning the progress Xrunfun and SirBilby made, that's for them to publish)

Day 1: We were hoping for petri dish to win the votes but alas it was boring, old "tube". Of course, being british ourselves, we decided to base our game off of the London underground! We'd agreed to make a 2d top down style game as Xrunfun had some code he thought he could change to fit that style. Meanwhile, I started building a basic menu system for the project as I had done so before in another game

Day 2: Continued working on that menu system. Turned out the 2d top down style was unexpectedly difficult to implement properly as none of us were experienced with it so instead decided to go with my idea for a street fighter like game. Also continued debating about the overall plan for the game, making sure it would be perfect.

Day 3: Was mostly busy this day, did little work on the menu stuff.

Day 4: After looking at Xrunfun's latest code I felt it was too messy and disorganised as he did not know how to use classes and functions. This led me to begin trying to convert his code into something more manageable by using classes for some of the code for the players. Otherwise I did a bit of work on the menu but wasn't a very productive day.

Day 5: I had come up with a very rudimentary plan for how the screen for the main game would look and made some suggestions for how the train would move across the screen (don't think anyone actually used it or was able to). I almost completed converting Felix's code into classes and functions.

Day 6: After finishing converting Xrunfun's code, I thought it looked good, perfect even, but turned out there was a game-breaking bug which I could not fix no matter what I tried. Occasionally I wonder what caused it and if I pick this project up again after this is over I might try having another shot at it.

Day 7: The Mad Scramble! After 1 last hopeless hour of trying to fix the bug I gave up. Instead I focused my efforts on finishing my part of the code (the menu system). I got most of my plan completed and in my opinion it looks superb! I spent another 2 hours merging it with Xrunfun's code and making some final touches. 

Overall this was a fun challenge! We knew we would never win, having seen veteran coders build incredible 3d games with path-tracking and other various wonders. For just a few novices with limited time due to dreadful exams, I would say we did quite well and I would like to thank Xrunfun and SirBilby for their tremendous help - without them I'd likely not had the motivation nor the time to get even this far in the project!

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Electron - Game Complete

Posted by mit-mit on 2024/03/23 22:11

Hope you enjoy! I really enjoyed using pyxel this pyweek: please post any issues here or catch me on discord!

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T U B E F A L L E R - Last day update

Posted by Simulan on 2024/03/23 21:54

I left the packaging and a few procedural level details to the last minute on this project, as I was busy this week doing a lot of nature exploration outdoors. I've managed to build T U B E F A L L E R up to a point that demonstrates the core game loop and, at a minimal level, employs panda3d-complexpbr in a practical executable build.

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London - Day 7

Posted by Xrunfun on 2024/03/23 20:24

We’ve (almost) finished.

Two of the three members (including me) in our group have decided to step back from the project due to life events, with the third soon stepping back as well.

The game is far from polished, but is at least adequate in gameplay and somewhat fun - especially with a friend.

Several features, such as player 2 ai and sound, weren’t finished in time. Maybe after PyWeek we’ll finish the game fully, but we won’t be able to within the time limit.

Good luck all.

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The Tube - Friday

Posted by Master_cheese12 on 2024/03/23 18:25

A little late but I'm pretty much finished the game and am working on polishing it.

Video on YouTube:

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Tube Chase - It's a game

Posted by mr_matho on 2024/03/23 11:24

More than a little chuffed. 

It's not a great game at all, but it's a game. Sounds, music, graphics (of sorts). Missing a couple of things I'd hoped to add, but on the whole: got there! 

Something is going to be submitted. Very pleased. 

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