pyweek #25 : when ?

which day ?

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hmm, good question.

For me it would fit best around Easter. 

maybe the week before easter starts (i.e. 18th-25th March)?

so, when ?? Lets try with Doodle or something like that ?
I just wanted to bring this up, since it's March already. :)
well, how time flies! It is March already :) Let's start pyweek25? I am not sure I am ready for that, I just missed all of you ;)
If we "start" now, we would actually start in about a month, right? That would be around easter.
I pinged Blake and Richard; Richard suggested I run it. 8th to 14th April, maybe?
For me, 8th to 14th April is fine. Hi, mauve, I am waiting for playing your game, if you run the pyweek, do you still have enough energy to do your own game? :) 
Sure, it basically runs itself.

I thought that might be too close (zero time to get your libraries in order), so I put it one week back from those dates, so 15th-22nd April.

Get your libraries published and documented people, here we go!

Arf, bad luck for me, right during the week I'm in a workshop.
Good luck to all.