where are you from?

This is my third attempt at PyWeek, and i want to know against who i am competing. i'm from Colombia and i'm very sure that i'm not the only latin here. Also is very cool can break the geographic boundaries and have fun with people from the whole world.

so.. where are you from?

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The PyWeek site needs a MAP :D Scotland here!
Hi, I'm in Melbourne, Australia.
Houston here
I'm in Charlotte, North Carolina! :D
Hello, I'm in Ulm, Germany.
nova scotia canada
Elmira, NY
Johannesburg, South Africa
Italian team here
Rouen, France
Warsaw, Poland
Bjelovar, Croatia (yes I live in that terrible country).
Cambridge, England
Feel free to add yourself on a map.
thanks @Chard for the map :D
Washington, DC, USA