Combat didn't work and I accidentally broke the ending at the last minute

Ugh, it was going so well, but I accidentally broke the ending trying to implement something that we didn't keep :S

We could've used another day or two.

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Linux filesystems are CASE SENSITIVE, i had to rename some files because in the code they contained capital letters.

next time, just keep everything lowercase for portability
nice amount of work btw
I love that about pyglet, that it enforces case sensitivity to ensure cross-platform compatibility.
this case sensitive issue has being recurrent since long time - as a Linux user as well, i also found myself forced on painfully trying to fix codes and filenames for making them run - maybe would be a good idea if here in the pyweek webpage could have some kind of essential multiplatform compatibility guidelines to be followed on coders, because these issues?
Hey nitro - maybe something like this which I created waaay back :-)
It might help to have functions in the skellington for getting files from the data directory and checking that the filename case matches.
I'd basically be copying the resource module from pyglet then...
We should get our own back by naming all of our assets with filenames that differ only in case.
Richard, that's already what you're doing. I deleted in favor of pyglet.resource, because otherwise it's code duplication. Besides, did we ever fix the brokenness of in py2exe builds?
Any chance there's a level select code? I got to Day 2 but I had to quit. I didn't realize it wouldn't save my game, and I'd rather not play through Day 1 again....