Ratings progress

w00t! 54 games played and rated, 1 game marked as DNW (never got Allephant to work on OSX).

I'm sure my wife will be happy that my evenings won't be quite as consumed with Pyweek now. :)

How is everyone else coming? Anyone able to run and rate all 55 games?

Edit: Aww nuts, just noticed it was only 53 games successfully played -- pw7_trobadour was a DNW for me as well.

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And you've been very busy giving entries awards too! Great stuff! :)

I've not had as much time to rate games as I'd like. Been sick this week :(

I rated all but the four that I cannot compatibilize with python 2.4 .
I can't wait to see what comments get my game.
I've rated about 1/3 of the games. I am starting school this week and working, and friday night is a LAN party so... we'll see. I plan to rate them all though, and give out as many awards as possible too.
still got way too many to go! I should take the week off work to get The rest done.. Lots of awesome entries!
I'm skipping to the bottom and working my way up, just in case those guys haven't gotten the same attention as the top ones.
Yeah, I think the pyar guys were a bit miffed about the lack of ratings last time, hence "0AI" as their team name ;)
Thank you for starting from the last entries... as I am THE LAST ONE 8( I never thought that would be a problem...

I think I finished rating some days ago. I followed the whole list, from A to W (yes, W, that's me) :(
I've rated around 26 games :P (maybe more actually) Some at the bottom, some at the top. It's hard really rating all of 'em with school and what-not.
Strike that, I've rated 31 :D
Well, I've rated 36... and those I have not rated is because they didn't work for me. I got segmentation faults or things like that :(

@richard: Sorry to hear you've been sick -- I guessed it was something like that, since you've not been around much, and you haven't answered my e-mail.

Regarding giving awards, I think Saluk has given out the most so far. He's been going to town on those -- I have a ways to go if I'm going to catch up. :) Not only that, but I'm guessing he has the highest awards-given / awards-received ratio.

@pymike: Well, I'm sure working on the Pyday site and C++ and curses apps and other things aren't helping either. ;)

Dang - I haven't had time to rate anyone - dang LOL
I should have some time today and whatnot though - gonna start downloading the torrent on my other comp now - no room on this one :S
@claxo: I made it possible for you to rate 52 games. Look in the minibugs thread for a Python 2.4 fix.

I really feel that I've missed some good games. I'll try to play as many as I can this weekend.
@j-1 : thanks! . I will update my src copy, but I played it using the win package. ( same for other games not 2.4 friendly but with win binaries )
I've rated all but 2 which i can't get to work on my laptop for some reasons. Probably going to visit a friend and try them there :)
I finished my "first pass", which is every game that runs on the first try without me changing or installing anything. This was 34 of the games this time. There are 8 that need pyglet, so I may install that and make those my second pass if I have time. I also played a couple games that are in the torrent but apparently don't have an entry in the contest. What's up with that?

I actually took the effort to type them all into a spreadsheet and randomize them. You know what would be great? A "random entry" or "random unrated entry" feature on the site. ISTR a discussion on this last time, but I dunno.

@Cosmologicon the first torrent had every file uploaded during the challenge whether it was a screenshot, final file or whatever. The second torrent fixed that.

New features get added to this site when I have time. I don't tend to have a lot of that :)

@Cosmo: Yeah, I used the first torrent as well, and noticed that some of those non-final games were actually pretty good. It's really sucky that they didn't get them properly marked -- there were some good entries. :(
our entry name started as just AI, for the AI component we planned to include and of course for the alphabetical ranking :), it then evolved to 0AI, improving the ranking and at the same time allowing for a joke about the AI component:
0AI == No AI at all (makes sense in spanish-ar) == Artificial Ineptitude

Looks like next time we'll have to pay more attention to other "small" details, like testing the game on Windows before uploading :P

I think that random ordering of the entries list would be a good improvement for future PyWeeks.

Surely an ordered list helps everyone except lazy judges? :)
The list in the entries page must be ordered. But perhaps a text list of entries (only gamename , team, filename(s)) can be dowloadable, so that anyone can randomize at will.
but anyway is easy to generate one by listing the dir where you unpack the games.
I think perhaps a good option would be to create a Python script that you run from the expanded .torrent root directory, and it randomly goes through the games, running the run_game.py, prompting you for your vote numbers and feedback, then moves onto the next game. It could even move each entry into a /played/ subdirectory, so that you could easily see which ones you played and which ones didn't. There could be a /dnw/ directory for games that didn't run properly, for later attention.
Richard: Another idea for the site: Whenever someone votes DNW, the authors should be notified right away so they can provide a fix. Also, every entry should have a minibugs section that anyone can edit, like the wiki for Pyweek 6.
Finally! Phew. Rated them all, except for String Zombie Mayhem that didn't work. I don't remember rating Pyweek games being this time consuming (though last Pyweek I didn't rate them because I was travelling). This time, I tried to write at least a few sentences on every game, some games I wrote a bit too much. Consumed too much of my time, I think it might have even consumed as much time as I spent on Pyweek. :P Actually, if I just played them and gave them numbers it probably wouldn't have consumed so much time, but I insisted in writing.

It was a great batch of games.
Pfew! managed to rate them all! Its kinda like pokemon! Great batch of games tho, quite a few that id love to see completed/polished!

great job everyone and thanks Richard!