Kite Story

What's that? It has a song at the end?

Enjoy Kite Story, a game of satellites, string and helicopters. Windows and Mac OS X binaries available.

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I just now played it though (before I read this) and that was absolutely hilarious!

Although I actually didn't put my headphones on until in the credits there at the end it said you did the piano and I wanted to hear your playing. What I heard was quite a surprise!

Great job on the game!
Looks awesome, but just to let you know the Mac OS X version doesn't work. I'll give it a play from source tomorrow, since I'm dead tired and it's quite late at night.
You're right about the Mac OS X version; I think I've (again) managed to create a .app that only works on OS X 10.5 (fails with Illegal Instruction during initialization on both PPC and Intel on 10.4). I've deleted it now. If anyone knows what I'm doing wrong (I'm using the same that accompanies the astraea example in pyglet) I'd love to know.
Hi. This was a really nice game. Unfortunately it crashed when I completed it. Just thought I'd let you know...

Traceback (most recent call last):
File "", line 22, in
File "/home/jakob/pyweek7/kite_story-1.1/gamelib/", line
1997, in main
File "/home/jakob/pyweek7/kite_story-1.1/pyglet/app/",
line 264, in run
File "/home/jakob/pyweek7/kite_story-1.1/pyglet/app/", line
94, in run
sleep_time = self.idle()
File "/home/jakob/pyweek7/kite_story-1.1/pyglet/app/",
line 187, in idle
dt = clock.tick(True)
File "/home/jakob/pyweek7/kite_story-1.1/pyglet/", line 696,
in tick
return _default.tick(poll)
File "/home/jakob/pyweek7/kite_story-1.1/pyglet/", line 295,
in tick
item.func(delta_t, *item.args, **item.kwargs)
File "/home/jakob/pyweek7/kite_story-1.1/gamelib/", line
1125, in update
setattr(self.obj, self.attr, value)
File "/home/jakob/pyweek7/kite_story-1.1/pyglet/", line 504,
in _set_opacity
File "/home/jakob/pyweek7/kite_story-1.1/pyglet/", line 417,
in _update_color
self._vertex_list.colors[:] = [r, g, b, int(self._opacity)] * 4
AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'colors'