Title screen. :)

Mr. Wobbly's Great Escape

During an experiment involving nutrient-rich slime and possibly electricity, a small wobbly organism gained sentience. However, the scientist (completely oblivious to our poor Mr. Wobbly) found the experiment's result lacking and promptly flushed the slime down the toilet.

Rather unhappy about being stuck in a dark sewage, Mr. Wobbly has to find a way out.

You are Mr. Wobbly.


Had To Work It Out On Paper
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Overall: 3.7
Fun: 3.8
Production: 3.6
Innovation: 3.7

Respondents: 21


File Uploader Date
Windows(TM) package.
ServalKatze 2010/04/04 11:08
Final version with fixed images. I hope.
ServalKatze 2010/04/03 09:13
Title screen. :)
ServalKatze 2010/04/02 21:06
SPOLIER: Solution to last level.
ServalKatze 2010/04/02 21:06
Awesome placeholder startmenu.
ServalKatze 2010/04/01 09:46

Diary Entries

Day 1: Bailing out (probably)

We've just moved to a new apartment and bought+built all of the furniture. We're really worn out so unless we get a great, simple(!) idea for wibbly-wobbly we won't make a game this time. Maybe next Pyweek. ;)

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We worked out a small, simple idea and got to work on day 2. We may avoid the dreaded DNF. ;o)

Basic gameplay is done (although you can't die yet). All we need now are levels and some graphics for start- and maploading menus. I guess my placeholder menus are not that intuitive to use..


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Early final submission! o/

Whew. I've just uploaded our final submission. It's a small puzzlish plattformer, more puzzlish than plattformish and pretty simple. I hope you'll enjoy it a little. Don't be afraid of the later levels. Just rotate the pipes until they fit. :P

If the last level (the one with soooo many pipes) seems too difficult you can peek at the solution.

Unless I find some really, really, really embarrasing bugs I can lean back and enjoy the holidays now.

Good luck to the other teams/individuals who are not as lazy as me. ;)


Mr. Wobbly's Postmortem

Wow, I really didn't expect that this small game would get so nice feedback. Otherwise I would have spend the last day doing more testing and polishing. I apologise to everyone who had to play with coloured rectangles instead of coloured pipes. I could have avoided that bug very easily if I had actually tested the game with older Pygame versions. Lesson learned, I suppose. ^^

I guess it was a little premature to announce that we would not participate but the first day was quite bad. Both of us were exhausted (carrying furniture upstairs to the 5th floor gets tiring after a couple of days), neither of us had a good idea and Zahme realized that the new MSPaint for Win7 has lots of pixel-art-killing features. Like automated antialiasing for lines. And he kept saying that drawing wibbly-wobbly animations was just too hard for him.

So I figured: Before we spend the rest of our vacation in agony, thinking of game ideas and rejecting them right away because of their complexity... meh.. just say that we won't participate and then try to relax a little. It helped a lot.

We settled on an idea on day 2. The map editor was done in a few days and the basic game mechanic was surprisingly easy to implement. The tileset graphics were done really quickly and Mr. Wobbly wasn't as hard to draw as Zahme expected. All in all this was propably the least stressful Pyweek of zahmeKatzen. The game idea wasn't exactly ambitious but it worked.

So what's left to do? Unless we can think of other puzzle elements that would fit into the game (or unless someone else has an idea?) basic gameplay won't change. One comment suggested to do an overview map to give the player some sense of progression - I'd definitely want to add that. Something like a sewer system map where you move from point A to B after you finished a level. Maybe add a branch or two for alternative endings... Oh, and bug-fixing needs to be done, too. As always.

I don't think those small changes are worth a Pyggy entry, so we'll probably try to finish some of our older Pyweek games.

Anyway, a big thank you! to everyone. Thank you for the nice comments and thank you for the criticism. And last but not least thanks to Richard for hosting Pyweek. This is our only opportunity to actually finish a game once in a while. :P

Until next time,