Early final submission! o/

Whew. I've just uploaded our final submission. It's a small puzzlish plattformer, more puzzlish than plattformish and pretty simple. I hope you'll enjoy it a little. Don't be afraid of the later levels. Just rotate the pipes until they fit. :P

If the last level (the one with soooo many pipes) seems too difficult you can peek at the solution.

Unless I find some really, really, really embarrasing bugs I can lean back and enjoy the holidays now.

Good luck to the other teams/individuals who are not as lazy as me. ;)

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doesn't work for me. The following error comes up right when I start the game (pygame window flashes up only for a split second):

Could not unpickle  save.dat
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/Users/c/Downloads/zk7_mrwobbly/run_game.py", line 15, in <module>
    from gamelib import main
  File "/Users/c/Downloads/zk7_mrwobbly/gamelib/main.py", line 5, in <module>
    from startmenu import StartMenu
  File "/Users/c/Downloads/zk7_mrwobbly/gamelib/startmenu.py", line 9, in <module>
    from resources import *
  File "/Users/c/Downloads/zk7_mrwobbly/gamelib/resources.py", line 82, in <module>
    GFX_tiles[n] = load_image(_path+"/"+n, colorkey=(255,0,255))
  File "/Users/c/Downloads/zk7_mrwobbly/pykitten/data.py", line 56, in load_image
    img = pygame.image.load(path)
pygame.error: Unsupported image format

(OS X 1.6, python 2.6.4, pygame 1.9.1)

It's a shame - because, judging from your description, this might have been a really enjoyable game.

Uh.. The message sounds like your Pygame install doesn't support PNGs. Although this would be quite strange so maybe something about the

or the image itself is broken. Hmm...

Are the switches or the junctions they control supposed to show anything? For me they both just appear as solid red blocks. I have to use trial and error to tell where I'm going to come out.

Great game!!! I love the style (it looks like a DOS game) 

Best regards

It's definitely something about your PNGs:

usually, pygame can open png images on my computer, without problems.

However, when I replaced a png image in a small test app of mine with one from your game, I got the very same error. So there's definitely something about your png files that my pygame installation doesn't like. Are you using some uncommon compression method?

Strangely, I could open your files in other programs without problems. After I opened your png in Gimp and saved it again, pygame suddenly accepted it without problems.

PS: sorry if I am spoiling your holiday ;)
Looks like three files are not actually PNGs:

$ find data -name \*.png -exec grep PNG -L {} \;


Oh well... I'll just open the images in GIMP and save them again. This is very odd. I didn't even touch these images so I'll just blame MSPaint. Thanks for finding the error.

Thanks and good to know that it works for you. ;)

Uploaded a new version. Hope it works now. ^^

Yes, It's working perfectly now!
Enjoy the rest of your holiday!
Yaaaaay! Wheeeeee!!! \o/
Cosmologican: I have the same issue. I've managed to play up to level 12 through trial and error (go through pipe, hit button x times, go back through pipe, if die then repeat up until where you last were, hit button x+1 times, repeat) But I really don't know if this is the correct behaviour or if I'm missing something.

Looking in the data directory it looks like there's a "button" graphic that I haven't seen so it seems maybe likely that something is wrong with this for me.

This is what level 12 looks like to me, can anybody tell me if this is correct and I'm playing it right or if something is wrong?

Interesting :)
I see

@bencoder: Looks.. strange. Which Pygame version and OS?
Yeah, I've got the same issue as bencoder. I'm on Ubuntu with Pygame 1.8.

Oh. Quick fix (if you don't mind poking around in the code):

Replace line 197 in map.py

if surface.get_at((x,y)) != (255,0,255):
if col==(255,255,255,255):

Sorry for the inconvenience.. Should have done more testing. ;)

Nonsense! XD

Replace line 197 in map.py with

if surface.get_at((x,y))==(255,255,255,255):

oh wow. Thanks ServalKatze. I can see what happens when I press the buttons now. this is much better :)
Glad to hear that. I'm amazed that you got to level 12 without proper pipe images. ^^