PyWeek - Mr. Wobbly's Great Escape [by Team zahmeKatzen] - feedback

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4 4 5

Good Job!

4 4 4

Really great game. Thoughtfully conceived i'm sure .

5 5 5

very nice

5 4 4

I really enjoyed your game. It's an original idea, but what was more important was that your puzzles are very well designed and in the just right level of difficulty (it was challenging, but not too much). The graphics and music are nice and I also enjoyed the little story. In the last level, it felt satisfying to "go through" the tough puzzle after solving it. I had a lot of fun, excellent work. :)

4 3 4

The graphics were very pleasing and the plot made an interesting beginning. Great gameplay too.

4 4 3

Surprisingly challenging - has potential for development.

4 3 3

Very mechanical gameplay, but pretty fun for some time.

4 3 4

Really nice game. Well done.

2 4 2

the puzzles are getting repetitive after a while

4 3 5

Very good entry. Clever puzzle mechanic that I don't recall seeing before.

4 4 3

Very addictive game :-) I 'm sure I'll play again after ratings

4 4 5

Thanks for the wonderful game! I've enjoyed the framing story and the simple visuals and audio were functional as well. The gameplay itself is not bad, but it wasn't very motivating. I didn't even know which level I was on and it wasn't until the last two levels that they really started to be challenging. Perhaps something as simple as a map that shows your progress between levels would have been enough to orient me. Anyway, making a good puzzle game is very hard, and this is one!

3 3 3

I liked the overall package. Would definitely build into a great game, but there was too little variety in the puzzle mechanic to hold my interest. Having solved each puzzle mentally, it was a bit of a chore to carry it out.

5 4 3

Really really great game. I'm impressed that you managed to design the game in only a week. At first i thought that the levels were too easy but then it got me too think harder. Well done!

4 4 5

The menus were a little weird.. i guess it was an artistic choice.. but the game was awesome fun to play and very innovative gameplay.

2 4 4

I wish that it showed which ways the pipes were facing instead of making you guess. That just made it too much of a pain for me, so I didn't play very far. Otherwise it seemed like a good game. The up/down controls are a bit counterintuitive too.

4 3 3

Yay! Actually enjoyable. Nice intro. Had to play it until the end just to see if the blob would return to it's maker for revenge... or just chill somewhere nice. Nicest blob game I've seen so far this challenge.

3 3 3

Great story. :D

2 4 4

Nice production: the controls felt good and responsive and interacting with the game wasn't a chore as it could have been if you'd been slightly more picky about the player's position. The moving-through-pipes animation looked good and was smooth enough to be a natural part of the game without breaking the player's rhythm.

While the puzzle mechanic is original, I don't think it has enough depth as it stands to make for a full game. There weren't enough points where I felt like there were a wide range of options available, so most levels just involved following through the only available moves until I reached the finish. There were a couple of levels near the end that broke this pattern a bit, but were still easily solvable by elimination. I think more puzzle elements may be needed if you want to develop challenging puzzles.

5 3 4

great puzzle game with a good story.

4 3 2

fun to play and addicting
nice music