PyWeek - Showdown 2881 - feedback

Fun 3 Prod 3 Inno 3


Good effort

Fun 3 Prod 3 Inno 3


This is a nice implementation of Asteroids. Your gravity and physics simulation is pretty cool and I feel like they are underplayed here. If you just play the game and don't pay attention to the asteroids, your focus is on the ship and you won't notice it, but I kind of enjoyed just sitting and watching the asteroids clump together. I know that time is always an issue, but I wish you had somehow gave them a bigger role in the gameplay. I imagine you could do some cool stuff with the physics simulation. In any case, I liked this, it was fun when enemy ships exploded and a random piece would fly into me and kill me. :)

Fun 3 Prod 3 Inno 3


Cool version of the classic Asteroids. Given more time, this could be an interesting game. As-is, there's not much to rate.

Fun 3 Prod 2 Inno 2


no sound, nice physics, at first its seems to be hard, but after some attempts it gets easier.

Fun 4 Prod 4 Inno 4


Well made. plenty of fun. Loved it when i moved too fast and turned around. bullets moved backwards, hit myself and exploded.

Fun 2 Prod 3 Inno 2


Boy, I haven't played an astroids clone in forever, takes me back. Too bad the debris wasn't destructible but the gravity-clumping was fun!

Fun 2 Prod 3 Inno 2


Was interesting but I kept getting killed super quickly: controls are very awkward: probably better having up arrow for acceleration. I kept getting stuck to asteroids: gravity was very trippy :) could have done with a bit of sound or music too

Fun 2 Prod 3 Inno 3


Cool gravity, reminds me of Asteroids

Fun 2 Prod 2 Inno 3


There's gravity and shooting, but... I was never able to appreciate the n-body gravity physics before being shot down :(

Fun 2 Prod 2 Inno 2


Needs some work

Fun 3 Prod 3 Inno 4


I like the simple control scheme and the AI is frightening the way it barrels straight for you. I must admit I played for a while but I don't think I managed to hit a single enemy ship on purpose. The physics are really wild, with pieces clumping together and flying off seemingly at random. It makes it hard to get a handle on playing, but at the same time it definitely feels chaotic. My favorite part was after I died, just watching the pieces move around for a while. They built up one big body which then shattered apart. It's definitely a cool setup, even if the game itself is a little hard to play.

Fun 4 Prod 2 Inno 3


This was fun! The game was a little uncontrollable, but that made it a little more exciting and entertaining at points. Graphics could've been better, but visually the game ran smoothly and looked pretty decent. Would've loved some sound effects, think you could've done some interesting things with them in the game. Good job!

Fun 2 Prod 2 Inno 4


I liked the direction you've taken with butterfly effect, but the control feels funky and it's not very fun to play. It would be better if you can fine tune the mechanics and production. Hope you have enough time to work on next pyweek!