DNW - Why? aleksan149, testroyer, smoktwix please contact me

You marked my entry as DNW ( https://pyweek.org/e/3420220904/ ) . I would like to know what didn't work so I can avoid that pitfall the next time. I'm asking you to give me the log file so I can analyze it:

  1. delete any *.log files in the director
  2. start the game as python run_debug.py
  3. send me the log file

Thanks in advance.
Contact me on Discord or in here.

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I'm sure you're aware of this, but you would get much more useful feedback about DNW's if you didn't hide the traceback when the game crashes.
You are probably right, maybe I should not redirect all output to the log file. Let errors bubble to the console. I wonder if arguments (like -debug -loglevel ..) would be a better solution than having different files to call. I would like to elaborate on this if someone is interested.
Cosmo may have a good point. I suppose we'll be kicking this feedback around for pw-36. But there has always been a problem with some peers not reaching out to the project coders. Although I try to contact coders when I can't find an easy workaround for a DNW, some years I have been guilty of just moving on for the sake of expediency. To me it just seems like a problem without a solution.