Late bugfix

DR0ID just mentioned that Axium doesn't work on Windows due to a line from os import initgroups in wasabi2d/ If you encounter this, it's fine, you can delete that line. It isn't used.

I didn't even write it. It was added by this VS Code misfeature that I was fighting all competition. (My laptop touchpad is also a bit sensitive, I've had problems brushing it with my palm).

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just remove the import and it will start under window (tested with py 3.9)

I also hacked the to add a keyboard controller (for those like me that don't have a joystick or controller at hand):

just add this class and replace the list with the new class and it will start once (press 't' to start, 'a' to shoot, 's' for boost, 'x' and 'c' for the others options)
Just wanted to note that if you do get it working with a keyboard, that isn't something I playtested, and I have a feeling you'll find it a little harder to aim your shots than you would with a joystick/gamepad.