Day 2

I worked on the tiles for the map, and it looks quite nice to me.Day 2 - Roads, houses and forests

I am going to add the Pizza Delivery guy tomorrow, so I can take him for a test-drive hehe ;).

Yeah apart from that, I wanted to get more things down, but I am very tired.

So here are the objectives of things I want to get done tomorrow (I mean Tuesday lol):
- Add Pizza Delivery Guy, Mr. Six
- Create the remaining tiles (crossroads, Hexa Pizza, meadow) -> Due to the time limit, I will cut out the river tiles for now and also bridges
- Create classes for the houses and also Hexa Pizza
- Add collision detection -> Player can't drive into houses or meadows

And for Wednesday, the plan is this:
- Work on Hexa Pizza class (Add ovens, orders, pizza boxes for storage,... This will mainly be the GUI.
- Add timer and clock (game-time)
- Add first scoring scheme
- Complete game-logic (house(customer)

Oh god, so much to do.
I wish you all a good night!
Sleep well, take care of yourselves. Seeeeee yaaa

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Looks like its coming along very well from what I can tell from the screenshot. Can't wait to see how this turns out!