Lets disqualify Updown World

The entry violates rule 2. Entries are to be written "from scratch"

The code looks similar to https://github.com/sourabhv/FlapPyBird/blob/master/flappy.py

FlapPyBird is not a library that can be used. FlapPyBird is not a documentation that can be copy-pasted.

Look like the entry violates The MIT License from github.com/sourabhv/FlapPyBird but I'm not sure.

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Aha, the flappybird is not hard to code in my opinion, if the author just copy and paste, that would no help for improving his skills. Maybe the author just like the game, did not carefully read the rules, or even do not know the MIT license (I do not know the differences among these licenses either, only cc0 can be copy and paste? ). However, for pyweek, just for fun, be happy, do not be serious. :)
This is not copy and paste. This is a straight copy with a find-and-replace of "Pipe" with "Eater". It does violate the MIT license, specifically

The above copyright notice and this permission notice shall be included in all copies or substantial portions of the Software.

People can make their own decisions on whether to vote to disqualify.

Oh, my God, I take back what I said. The author totally use other person's game to attend pyweek! Even just for fun, there is at least rules we should follow.
I was worried that my use of pilotredsun music would get me disqualified! But...THIS!

We seriously need a redesign of the rating system and more swift actions from the community to disqualify violating entries.

No game has, to my knowledge, ever been disqualified in Pyweek. I think it's kind of charming: no matter how hard you mess up, the worst you'll get us some disapproving disqualification votes.
I should add that I've never seen 100% plagiarism before, but maybe they couldn't do better and learned something by creating this.
What would you have learned by replacing files and hitting ctrl-f 100 times? If he were to examine that code, proceed to modify it majorly, and then add that as an entry, that would be learning and would qualify. 

Sadly I think the creator of updown got in expecting an experience similar to scratch, got confused, went to stackoverflow (and got closed), and eventually became desprate thinking he had to turn in an entry. So he took flaPyBird and replaced every part of it and hastily tried to make it connect, and proceeded to fail miserably. Which is kinda sad honestly.