Day 3

I spent today trying to make animations work. Having used assets for everything so far, I got Blender out for this. Here's the process, roughly:

  1. Create a model in Blender (doesn't take long)
  2. Animate it using Blender keyframes (takes ages, Blender is terrible for this)
  3. Export it to GLTF
  4. Work out how three.js represents animations and write code to start them
  5. Debug why it isn't working
  6. Find the animation is kind of half broken due to feature mismatches between Blender, GLTF, and three.js
  7. Rework broken part of animation, go to step 2

So after a whole night's work I have added just sword swipes and a flapping bat.

Here's a video.

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these shawdow looks quite nice! :)
Hey Mauve, looks great! I've pretty much abandoned animated and (most) textured objects because I have so much trouble understanding how to use blender :)