Starting with framework

I've been used to picking inkscape for my level design in some of my previous pyweek entries. 

Since then I've been using cocos2d-x with various editors for the UI and animation. The latest tool out there for cocos2d-x is the cocos creator. I've been researching about how this could be used in CPP. I've now started writing the relevant classes for python cocos. This should help me speedup the UI / UX iterations .. while doing all this I'm hoping I can build a reasonable game :)

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well, there is a cocos2d based on pyglet, what is the relationship between all the 'cocos2d' :)
Ricardo Quesada blogged about the history of Cocos2D last year.
@mauve thank you for sharing this. I only knew bits and pieces of the information.
@xmzhang1, i am using the cocos2d for rendering the final output. :) Depending on cocos creator editors' output for creating the scene graph.