Second diary entry for Bing the Robot

The game is finished.
I hope there is no remaining bugs.
Also, I could not test the game on Windows and Mac.
It's in python3, as requested in the discussion, and uses pygame. Let me know if there is something not working and I will upload a corrected version.
Alternatively, the git repository is there:

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window 7 works fine :) the idea is great,like finding light path.I am not good at this,so for me, press 'r' just for return to last move would be fine :) all in all, intersting game, I only pass 2 level and get score -2200, minus score is not bug :)
Thanks for the comment and the info.
The score is based on the shortest path + the time you took. So, if you wonder around a lot or wait too much, you got a negative score. It's a feature :)
I could tune that better, maybe it's because I've played the first levels a lot, so they look simple for me.
Cancelling the last move is a nice idea, but it reduces the challenge a lot.
This is fun but quite challenging, and I like the little robot speech bubbles.