Site UX fixes

I've made a few small changes to styles and templates with a view to fixing user experience issues on the web and mobile.

I've brought back an editor component for forum posts, because entering HTMLto get markup as basic as paragraphs is just too painful, especially on mobile devices. I don't know about you, but WYSIWYG editor components generally suck for me on mobile, but this one seems good on up-to-date Android. Let me know if it doesn't work well for you.

Let me know this week if you have any other papercuts you'd like fixed before the competition.

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Works great for me!

(on an Android 7" tablet)
Well done!
This is great, thank you!
Very nice! Thanks Mauve!
Hmm, th editor just truncated a comment post... 
Hey Mauve, I like the game screen shots on the website front page! I uploaded a higher-resolution screen shot of "Beneath the Ice" from pyweek 22, if you wanted to add it to the scrolling list :)

Thanks, mit-mit. I will do when I get a chance.
That's done, mit-mit.

What I'd really like to do is put together a video montage of lots of Pyweek game clips, as a kind of promo video. I've never done any video editing before though. Does anyone else have the skills to do this?

Coincidentally I started to do this after the last pyweek but then got distracted! I was getting a gameplay clip from each game in the competition and making it into a montage using Camtasia. If we could get a good collection then it would make a good recap and / or teaser for pyweek 24.

I don't mind giving it a go although it would take a few weeks as I am out on a trip. 


Hey guys, I'd be happy to help too, if you need any.