Scheduling for PyWeek 22

While you all are potentially still here lurking, let's nail down a date for the next PyWeek so that there aren't any surprises or oh-$#%@ moments when you realize you only have 6 days to document and release your python library. Here are the results of the survey regarding scheduling.
Apologies for spamming a bunch of new threads, but I wanted to create a separate discussion here outside of the other survey results.
3 PyWeeks in 2016?

LET'S DO THIS!xxxxx (5)
Cautiously optimisticxxxxx (5)
Maybexxxxxx (6)
No, no, no, that's too muchxxxxxxx (7)

I kind of have mixed feelings here. On one hand the solid no's win, and on the other hand there are a majority of people that are open to the idea. But also a majority of users that aren't completely sold on the idea. Since burnout is a major concern, I kind of want to err on the side of the no's (despite being in the LET'S DO THIS camp myself) since PyWeeks with low participation aren't very good for maintaining participation going forward and we're already kind of light on participation compared to several years ago.

When should the next PyWeek be if there are 3?
Mayxxxx (4)
Junexxxxx (5)
Julyxxxxxxxx (8)
Augustxxxxxx (6)

Again, this is sort of all over the board, however...

When should the next PyWeek be if there are 2?
Junex (1)
Julyxxxx (4)
Augustxxx (3)
Septemberxxxxxxxxxx (10)
Octoberxxx (3)
Novemberx (1)
Decemberx (1)

There's a pretty solid consensus here. 10 votes for September and 6 votes for neighboring months

I feel like the other activity suggestions in the survey may appeal the LET'S DO THIS audience (PyWeekend or the post-PyWeek-polish sprint) sometime during the summer without burning out other participants. There was a pretty strong correlation between LET'S DO THIS and people interested in PyWeekend.

That said, my proposal is just having 2 PyWeeks this year, with the next one being September 4th-11th, additionally having PyWeekend in the summer for all the energetic folks, and possibly a polish sprint sometime soon (April?) before everyone forgets how their codebases work.

Thoughts? Concerns? Ideas?

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Those dates sound good to me. Thanks for organizing!
I think 2 pyweeks in 2016 is fine, the experts will have more time to relax and to make a better game. Even for our amateur player, we still need a longer time (maybe half year) to study the code the experts written. In April ? can we improved our finished code ? Ahhh..... If the organizers have more energy to hold 3 pyweeks in 2016, i could not wait any more to join it!

September is a good choice. It gives us more time to promote it. We need to step up our efforts to do this to grow participation.

I also think we need to improve the site. Like I'm typing this comment in raw HTML on a mobile phone right now. This is not fun. But I also think we should be better showing off the amazing games that have been written over the years and making it easier for people to play them - both during judging and after the competiton. IMHO we should also be steering people towards making their games open-source on Github, so they might have more of a life after the competition.

Perhaps we could organise a website sprint?

I suggest PyWeek calendar (you can make it on Google calendar) where you can mark when you are busy (i.e. dates for Ludum Dare, important school/collage/job tasks, personal events) so we would know when is best time for PyWeek/(PyWeekend). It would also be possible to announce official PyWeek dates.
You know you could just make survey answers public and paste link here?

Also I've heard about Pyday and Pyggy awards but I'm unsure how to enter them, so somebody could explain (they aren't explained in Help not Rules).
The September dates look good to me. Maybe as a way to generate interest and energy for the next Pyweek we could create a highlight-reel for the Pyweek 21. We could mash up some short gameplay videos from each of the entries (~3-5 seconds of each) and someone could mix it with some cool music etc.
@mauve "Perhaps we could organise a website sprint?": Count me in.
If there's no objections, I'll go ahead and start the countdown for next time.
It kinda sucks for me, since I missed the last PyWeek. 140 days till the next PyWeek. ); Oh well.
Maybe we could do a mini (non-official) PyWeek. PyWeek 21.5 perhaps? :D I wonder how many people would participate.
@m0dem I thought we should have something more like PyWeekend rather than PyWeek 21.5
We could also have event shortly after PyWeekend where we need to change someone'e else game (possibly improve it).
PyWeekend would then encourage writing clear code and event after that (PyHack?) would encourage code reading?
What do you think about that?
@knowledge It sounds like a cool idea to me. But the weekend part doesn't work out so well for me. I cannot dedicate enough time to make a game over the weekend. That's why I do PyWeek instead of Ludum Dare.