Trying to cover the bases by coming up with an idea for each potential theme...
After the final countdown, the only way you can go is up...

(Do I get bonus points for incorporating two themes at once?)

Study your planets. Plan your mission. Design your probe. Launch your probe and watch it blow up fly a successful mission and gather oodles of valuable scientific info. All while staying within budget.

Battleship Down
If you want world domination, don't stop 'till you've got enough... RABBITS!

RTS-style. Breed a hoarde of bunnies to wipe out the opposition and pwn the whole meadow.

(Ideas for the remaining themes to be developed.)

These ideas Copyright © 2007 by Gregory Ewing. All rights reserved for the duration of the PyWeek 4 competition. May be freely plagiarised after that.

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Pwning with rabbits sounds fun.
I wouldn't worry about coming up with a theme yet, its usually the one you didn't choose as 1st. I'd say let your brain settle, maybe do a warm-up round or two, read a good book, and wait till the theme is announced to do all the massive brainstorming :)
I would agree with Cthulhu32 :)
Last time through we sat down and came up with an idea for each theme, and never actually used any of them.

We do have 1 or 2 ideas this time around that should fit most of themes, but they arent really set, as its not likely that the theme will actually be one of the ones we're hoping for ;)

Good Luck!
Hey, it's a bit frustrating you're trying to put dibs on ideas here. If you don't want people to use your idea, why don't you just not mention them? Not that you can copyright ideas anyway, so I'll just implement Probe, which I think is a pretty cool idea. :)
Yeah, ideas are not able to be copyrighted, just the expression of an idea.
I agree with faasen, if what you're looking for is preventing other people from using your ideas, it's probably better not to mention it rather than mention it and say it's yours. If you just want to talk about it, though, and see what other people think, I think it's fine. Probably most people here will want to create their own ideas.
I'm not really worried about people using the ideas. Anyone else's game would likely come out to be very different from what I had in mind anyway. But if you do something similar to one of these, I'd prefer it if you used a different name. I don't think that's too much to ask.

As for chilling out... that's mostly what I'm doing. Mainly I've been reminding myself how to use various libraries. Trying to get Soya 0.13 going and see if I can teach myself to use the cal3d stuff in the next 1.5 days. Might come in handy for rabbits... or something else...