Next PyWeek???

When is next PyWeek?
Last year it was first Saturday in October. Will it be same this time?
Will Richard run this PyWeek or Blake will have to? Or will somebody else be in charge?
Is PyWeek once again going to be late? Will this be year of lone PyWeek?
Will site be changed? What library rule will we have: 30 days before PyWeek or before theme candidates are announced?
Are those questions asked or discussed anywhere (IRC, newsgroup ...) ?

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The one thing predictable and consistent about the PyWeek dates is that they're unpredictably inconsistent. I think I've seen Autumn PyWeeks that have occurred before this the most recent "Spring" PyWeek. I offered to run the last PyWeek because I was afraid this would be a year of one PyWeek if it didn't occur soon. I wouldn't mind doing so again before the year is over. However, generally there are spaces between each PyWeek since people need a chance to re-coupe so if there is another PyWeek this year, it probably won't be until November or December.

Oh geeze, that is really close.

December is a terrible time for a Pyweek, as it's a season punctuated by parties and gatherings and other committments.

Could do one early in the new year? January/February?

I suggest we let this year have a single Pyweek and start over with the regular schedule next year (around April/May). If we do one early next year, we may have to push forward the following Pyweek and the schedule might get confusing.
If anyone is getting antsy to program something, a lot of Python games libraries could use love. I've been updating lepton for Python3 and 64-bit. I'm eyeing up a port of bacon to Linux next.

Also I have some ideas for a whole-sale revamp of the Pyweek website - maybe to get tied more into Github and Bitbucket APIs. Who wants in?
@mauve, i would love help with the pygame site, please tell me how.
@mauve I'd also try (but I kind of don't know Django well nor Github API) to contribute in that.
About game library, I'll probably update it 2-3 times this year. About time of next PyWeek, everything in December would be too early or would collide with Ludum Dare and Christmas.
Although I'd like to participate in, if we put it between the years it wouldn't be good idea.
So maybe 1st week in 2016 (2nd-9th January). Yes, it would be year of lone PyWeek (but if you use Julian or Jewish calendar it's the same year).
I agree it's too late for another 2015 PyWeek, but I vote for not waiting until April/May of 2016. I think the schedule is pretty tenuous as it is. If we wait that long, we run the risk of slipping behind again and only having one PyWeek in 2016 as well. Personally I think it shouldn't be at the same times every year anyway. Different people are busy at different times, so it's more fair to mix it up. JMHO.
I will not be available for three days during 2nd-9th of January, so I would prefer if it were moved back a week, (9th-16 January). I also have some web programming experience, so I could help with updating the website.
I am excited for Pyweek 21. I would really hope for the date to be somewhere after late January, since I have to be gone for the beginning days of January. Thanks.
How does the week of February 28th sound? This gives people several weeks to get their libraries all polished and released before the 30-day limit.
It's great because it doesn't collide with Ludum Dare nor any holiday. I'll be able to polish my library.
Sounds good to me.
I could do it then. Also, mauve, is this where the code for the pyweek website is, or has it been moved? As it is, the code there will only work on one person's computer, as it tries to access '/home/pyweek', which most people don't have. So, if I was going to try to work on the website, should I work with this code?
Well, without any objections...
On the timetable, it says registration will open on the 29th. However, the bubble says "Registration is now open", and it is. (See entries tab.) Why is that?