Bug fixing

I've done most of coding, I just need to fix few bugs.

Is that cheating???

Also, can I add few lines of code, so one wall will disappear?(I'm very familiar with that.)

Because then, many code lines will have meaning.

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The rules are the rules. I do not mind. Since You are not going to seize that new Ferrari which will be rewarded to 1st place winner (which I am planning to become (just kidding)).

And Yes -- it is cheating. But the one who You cheat is Yourself. If You are capable to produce buggy game, than You are capable to produce buggy game. Analyze why and learn from experience. So next time You will be prepared and better at planning.

But I am not saying that You shouldn't fix bugs and make game playable. You should. And You should upload that new version of Your game. Just do not mark it as final and be open about it. Be open about the fact, that it is not the version for judging.

P.S. I am not native English speaker. It is possible that my comment sounds harsh. I am not trying to be harsh. I am trying to be friendly. And not sure if it is working :).

I would say it's not too bad if you're not doing any significant changes and you're clear about it. This is not an official rule, but sometimes what people do is submit one version before the deadline, another version with bug fixes, make it clear what was changed, and let the person judging decide. Also, I echo petraszd's comment that you can view this as a learning experience to improve your planning for next time. :)

This comes up pretty much every time. The bottom line for me is that the rules are written to be intentionally vague on this, and the creator richard has intentionally refused to offer any sort of clarification on the matter. And here's a comment thread in which richard asks a team to upload a bugfix version after the deadline.

FWIW, I go by the Ludum Dare guidelines, which say that after the deadline it's okay to fix bugs that cause a crash or make the game unfinishable, and port to other platforms (in this case, eg, make it runnable with Python 3 if it's not already).

By the way, why am I DNFed???

Did I get rules good?

Or It's something else?

You haven't uploaded your game. Go to your entry page and pick Upload File to upload your game now. Make sure you mark it as final too.

But you can play my game!