Day #1

Concept: I am going to use "Nemesis as goddess" interpretation. Especially this line from wikipedia (

    Nemesis, winged balancer of life

Name: Balancer of circles
Gameplay: there will be two types circles (red, green). They will it each other Osmos ( style. You will control triangle. You will need to collect smaller circles and shoot them into bigger ones by splitting them into smaller ones. Winning/Losing? I do not know – I just want to test and implement this game mechanics.

Concept art:

Screenshot from current implementation:

What works:
- Moving around
- Rotating depending on mouse position
- Circles' shadows moves depending on players position


Rant. This time I am trying to make my first pygame game. And it is frustrating. I've already few times caught myself thinking: "Screw this. Let's take pyglet, drop to opengl level and be done with this.".

petraszd on 2013/04/14 22:55 of Petras Zdanavičius PW16

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Just curious, why did you decide not to use pyglet?
Nice shadow idea. I am also playing with circles. Is it lack of sportsmanship if i steal that idea?
@Cosmologicon: Two things. First, I've never created game with pygame. Never. Second, in previous PyWeeks I got a lot of DNW on scoring. Hopefully, I will see if pygame changes that. Hopefully, because first I need to do one really small and easy thing – make a game.

@lucio: It is not stealing. I am not holding patents on circles or anything. Please, feel free to do anything you want.