Defend Mechanicsburg - Sunday

Knocked a few rough edges off and wrote some documentation. No time for playtesting. Don't even know if it's winnable at the moment.

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It's winnable :)
That's nice to know! How hard was it?
Not hard.
After understanding the basic mechanics and how to build a Lab to invent new things, it was just a matter of building Water Wheels to speed up the game :)
The enemy doesn't put much pressure, so as long as you use just a few houses to recruit some soldiers here and there, you'll be fine :)
Replay value is low because of this.. adding some more levels of difficulty (more aggressive AI) could help a bit, albeit the general strategy would probably stay the same (build some houses, a lab, wait for Water Wheels, and then achieve long range weapons quickly and win).
The different type of units haven't a specific usefulness for now and changing weapons also doesn't do much (e.g. you always want the best weapon in hand).

Anyway, while limited in scope, it looked beautiful, well done and fun.
Your Python 2.7 requirement can be reduced to Python 2.6 (which is what I use) by replacing set literals and set/dict comprehensions with 2.6-friendly equivalents. I suspect you'll get a DNW or two for that.

Lots of fun once I got it working, though.