Site instability updates (judging special edition)

Yep, it wouldn't be PyWeek without a good deal of site instability :-)

Sorry, please bear with me. I'm trying to fix things in order of importance.

  1. new entries may now be registered. Still working on file upload and a ton of other bits and pieces.
  2. file / image upload (and deletion) now works.
  3. User feedback is now working again (ie "diary entry added" and error notifications) thanks to Lex Toumbourou.
  4. awards work again now.
  5. newly-registered users are logged in.
  6. Judging is fixed.

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And commenting (fixed.)
Given the level of instability this time, I'd say the site qualifies for the Mad Science theme. ;)
Yeah, all we need now is a giant monster to break out of the logo or something and escape...

(Cue giant monster to jump out of logo)
Just to add to your list of to do's, I'm unable to register my entry
Viewing old entries is broken too.
@superjoe: which old entries in particular?
@richard: appears to be fixed now. I was trying to read my old diary entries.
File upload is fixed.
Thx a lot Richard. Hope you have time to create your game :)
User feedback is now working again (ie "diary entry added" and error notifications.)
Awards work again and newly-registered users are logged in.
Thanks for doing this maintenance work richard. What happened - did you upgrade Django?
Yeah. The site, which was running 0.96, had become unusable with unicode errors all over the place that I simply couldn't figure out. 1.4 seems a lot, lot better. Except for all the 0.96->1.0 API changes that I'd been putting off doing :-)
Still, the beginning of Pyweek doesn't seem like the most sensible moment :)
Oh sure. I was just a little desperate though. And desperate times...
On the contrary, mauve, for volunteer projects, it's all about motivation. And it's hard to muster up motivation when Pyweek *isn't* about to start.
I think I found another bug - on the entries page all of the file uploads link back to the same page instead of the actual files :/
Yep, judging is broken and I'm working on the fix. Entry pages will be broken until I fix it.
Judging should be good to go now. Any errors at this point will be exceptions.
This is not an urgent issue, but the poll results pages' HTML is broken:
Fixed, thanks!
Hi Richard, the review pages seem to have eaten the newlines in my comments. Has it always done this?
Got one in particular to point me at?
Yeah, I just commented on
One entry ( gives a server error (500).
It looks like line-breaks are being honored but some of the lines are too wide to fit the table so are also wrapped.

Still trying to figure out the error on SZ's page.
Funny SZ uploaded a file with a unicode filename. Ugh.
Are you sure? If I include two line breaks they get converted into a space when the page reloads, so all my paragraphs appear smushed together :/

Maybe its just the edit view?