How i understand the Themes (nonnative speaker)

now that the themes have been published, i will try to get the meaning behind the themes. Please correct me if i am wrong or you have additional meanings (some proverbs, dictums… i don't get).

Mad Science
- a scientist who is gone mad
- nuclear bombs
- mass destruction
- MAD is an abbreviation for mutual assured destruction
- cold war

- a minor crime typically committed by young people
- when someone can't pay a debt
- breaking things, rioting

Everything Goes to Hell
- Hell: fictional place
    Some people say that you get there if you don't follow their doctrin(ideas, moral principles).
    There you get punished for your sins and it's usually hot there (a lot of fire).
- If everybody who says that someone goes to hell for something says the truth Everybody goes to Hell as     they are contradicting mutually.

Secret Lair
- a lair is a nest of an animal
- a hidden cave, base like the Batcave (Batman), a hideaway
- „a flashily dressed man who enjoys showing off“

Daffodils Or Tulips
- two flowers
- ???
- i don't know how it fits with the other themes, am i missing something?

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Yeah that's pretty good. "Everything going to hell" doesn't literally refer to hell, but rather a generally bad situation. Like if a neighborhood goes from being prosperous and peaceful to being miserable and dilapidated, you might say that the neighborhood has gone to hell. You might also use it to describe a situation that breaks out into chaos and you lose control of, like in a battle zone where you start losing. You might also say "all hell is breaking loose" in that context.

A secret lair is common for superheroes and supervillains. It's not usually a cave, but it certainly can be. I don't understand the connection to a flashily dressed man, though.
Oh, and just to clarify, "mad" in "mad scientist" means "insane". In American English, "mad" almost always means "angry". That confused me for a long time as a child.
Does anybody get Daffodils Or Tulips?
I don't think it's a specific reference to anything. It's just talking about the flowers. There's nothing to get really.

If you're wondering why it's included in the list with the others, I think it's a "combo-breaker" style joke.
It's the name of the dance that my daughter is learning in her level 1 ballet class. It was the happiest, sweetest and lightest thing she could think of at the time :-)
The "Daffodils Or Tulips" theme made me think of an idea similar to Ikaruga or Outland - only the light and dark "phases" would instead be one kind of flower vs the other...with maybe a bit of "Plants vs Zombies" mixed in? (This is not my preferred theme, so feel free to use that idea if you want.)
Daffodils or Tulips is weird, but could turn up into many unexpected games. Sounds also like "Trick or Treat" or "Red Pill or Blue Pill" :D I'll start a mindmap and explore each theme these days...
Does anyone know the meaning of "lair" as "a flashily dressed man who enjoys showing off". My dictionary says that it is australian and new zealandish(?) english. It  Would be nice as one of my game ideas is based on that  ; )
Not that I can see.
Oh, never mind, has 

lair4   [lair]  Show IPA
noun Australian Informal .
a man who dresses garishly and is crude or vulgar; showoff.
1930–35;  back formation from lairy---------------
some others...
lair 2  (ler) 
— n , — vb
a Scot word for mire
[from Old Norse leir  mud]

lair 3  (lɛə) 
— n
1.a flashy man who shows off
— vb
2.intr; foll by  up or  around to behave or dress like a lair
[perhaps from leer ]

lair3   [lair]  Show IPA
noun Chiefly Scot.
lore; learning.
Middle English  (north and Scots lare, Old English lār lore
Hell is a non-fictional place, just sayin' ;)
People say hell is fictional place because no one has ever gone there and come back to confirm or deny it. Sort of like the big bang. 
I like that "Mad Science" is "Mad Science" and not "Mad Scientist". I can see many more possibilities that way (including mad scientist).
Hell is a non-fictional place in Norway. It freezes over regularly.
Here is hell freezed:
btw there is a difference between hell and things like the bigbang
However back to the themes:
I will take every dictionary definition i can find and stretch it so that it fits my game. It's part of the fun to creatively overcome the themes-restriction.
I for one, have voted for daffodils or tulips.  I have an idea in mind that would be fun, and the fact the so many people are confused by it really makes me want to see it get chosen.
I sure hope that isn't chosen. My best idea is a reaction test where you have to click the right card to match the one on screen.
Must resist theological debate.

But yea I really hope that daffodils or tulips isnt chosen, still haven't come up with any interesting ideas for that one yet.