First final submission

I wanted to upload something in the middle of the week, but the game has been in various states of not-working, so I never got around to it. Oh well, there's still time for feedback now. If anyone finds any major bugs that I can fix, I can still upload a revised version. Enjoy!

Mortimer the Lepidopterist (first final submission)

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This is really fun. :)

Is there a reason why nab doesn't reset when you hit the ground? It feels like it should.
Yes, the reason is so that the player gets a sense for the recharge rates early in the game, when they don't have enough upgrades to stay in the air long enough to see it happen. However, I've been going back and forth on this, and I'm starting to think you're right, it should reset like the rest of them. I may change it.
Your music appears to be a copyright violation.  Unless I'm mistaken that was taken from The Beatles.
Which song are you talking about? All the licensing information for the songs is listed in the readme. If you check the corresponding link and still think it's a violation, let me know.