End of day 2, not much progress

For those who haven't made much progress with your game: you can cheer up now. My progress is going just as "well".

I spent most of the Sunday perfecting a graphic that now I think it's too big, and because I was polishing it, it's now pretty much impossible to animate it without spending too much time. Well, at least it was fun. :P

Today I was unfortunately busy with other stuff, but I was able to write a bit of code (very little, though).

Considering the scope of my project (big), things aren't going so well. But I'm still optimistic. I have the design which is mostly done (needs more details on a few aspects, but the big picture is there), I have a neat graphic (to my programmer standards, of course), and I have a little code. I'll have something to show, even if I have to make a completely different game in the last 8 hours like I did last Pyweek. Hopefully the next days will be better.

This seems to be recurrent in my Pyweeks, actually...

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Hang in there. I know how it feels to have the project scope looming over you, we're facing it now. And post your graphics for us to oggle at!
Yeah, it's all good. I just threw out a day and a half of work yesterday, so I'm prolly further behind XD