Release 0.5 - Final

Looks like this is it. I've fixed another step-climbing bug and made a few more embellishments to the artwork. There seems to be one step-related bug remaining, but it doesn't adversely affect any of the levels, so I'm not too worried about it.

I didn't get around to providing any in-game help, but the controls are so simple that it's hardly necessary. The README says it all.

I'm pleased with what I've achieved this time round. This is the second PyWeek in which I feel I've managed to get a game to a reasonable state of completion. In contrast to the last one (555-BOOM!) this has been an exercise in minimality -- taking a very simple game mechanic and seeing how far I can get with it.

I've managed to get more variety out of it that I thought I would, but I think I've pretty much reached the limit now. At least, I don't have any further ideas for levels at the moment that wouldn't be repetitions of what's already there. So I'm calling it done.

I hope there's some fun in there somewhere, too.

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I had to modify Game/Code/
set = set
reversed = reversed
replacing lines 8 and 13.
Sorry about that, forgot to actually test the compat code. Bugger.

Would anyone object if I uploaded a fix now?

I wouldn't mind, please do fix it! Looks like a fun game :)
gcewing: the 24-hour "grace" period is for, among other things, "stupid bugs" so this likely qualifies.
Okay, will do.

BTW, is there a description somewhere of exactly what is acceptable during the grace period? If there was much discussion about it, I seem to have missed it.

right here
In the first room with the basement and skeleton, the two high notes are the same note, and I can't see a way to complete it. Am I missing something?