Flying high

This has definitely been the most relaxing PyWeek yet... having abandoned the complex game-of-the-year idea that just didn't fit this theme, we've settled into this much-simpler game. We've both expressed surprise at how well the game is turning out -- we were both skeptical it would be much fun, but it's turning out to have some nice complexities and tricks. The relative ease of programming has left me a lot more time for gameplay tuning and iteration than usual.

The birds in this screenshot are actually flying backwards. This is due to an apparent artist/programmer world-view difference in what the "native" direction of a sprite should be. The artist, being primarily right-brained, draws all her sprites facing to the left; while the programmer, knowing that the mathematical X axis increases to the right, writes code that assumes right-facing entities.

Clearly this is could become a terminal dilemma, whose resolution will require much negotiation and compromise (of the artist).

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Haha. Programmer should change it. While not too hard to flip the sprites, it is more work to go through all the art and flip them than to change one or two lines of code. Programmers should always do their best to accommodate artists in my opinion.
looks really nice, as usual :)
Cool beans. Err birds ;)
oi, T_T why can't you ever be nice to me?

And I know that mathematical X axis increases to the right >.>

@biccy clearly this is a dispute never to be resolved amicably. My team is very friendly and would welcome you with open arms :)

ps. sounds like this will be a fun one!