Long night

Spent tonight getting levels more fleshed out and adding attacks. You can now pick up a yoyo that's on the ground, and a little fade + scale animation gets triggered when that happens. The enemy can now attack you, which stuns you briefly. You can now attack the enemy, which doesn't really do anything except kill them and they pop out of existence.

Frustrated by an inability for pyglet to load images bigger than 2044x2048 on my computer. But still, I'm glad I discovered this rather than having the judges find it.

I feel like it's going really smoothly so far. Has all my experience coding python paid off, or am I just not seeing the difficulties that lie ahead?

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The limit has to do with your openGL implementation. You should check you rgame on some intel card, many people use them and the limits are sometimes smaller.

If you are running linux, you can check the limits with glxinfo -l. I got for example (among a lot of extra data): GL_MAX_TEXTURE_SIZE = 4096

Gday. pyglet should be able to load images of any size using pyglet.image.load(). Uploading that image (e.g., by using pyglet.resource.load() or image.get_texture()) into a texture may certainly fail as dmoisset describes. There's not much you can do with a plain (non-texture) image though, except extract a region from it -- probably easier to modify (tile) your resources instead.