Finally, an idea

So the description of my project describes it, RoboFusion will be a game with some game elements from multiple games I've played that I've really enjoyed.

Climbing robot is sort of a Ninja Gaiden awesomeness, might give that character a sword or something?

The anti-gravity idea comes from Metal Storm and Kid Dracula. There was also a GBC game that uses the same mechanic, but its such a cool idea!

The runner is sort of an older idea, but instead of having a constant forward accel, the runner will act more like N+ where you start slower and speed up really fast. I guess Super Metroid could be a good comparison.

Finally, the fire-power robot will just shoot a stupid amount of crap at the enemies. Maybe a laser beam or some kinda cool crap. Some particle effects or something? Who knows.

So tonight the goal is to make a level editor (I think Idle said to do that first :D ) Get some basics down, make some base classes, possibly get some art together, we shall shee.

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Sounds like fun. :) (The several variations of robots kinda remind me of Mega Man...)