Get ready for PyWeek 6

This challenge will run from 00:00 UTC on March 30th through to 00:00 UTC on April 6th.

If you're new (or even coming back again) please have a look at the rules and help pages.

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yey! pyweek6! fyi: the password-forgotten-form here works but throws errors. when I entered the wrong email, I got a django error. When I entered the correct email it was a server error. the email was sent though.
Yess! Can not wait.
Only 2 months 'til PieWeek?! Better start working up an appetite! :-)
I'm making a pizza pie this evening in honour of the coming pies.
'Tis but a mockery of a pie. There is no manner in which it will do justice to the pies yet to come... Fancy some of that myself...
@simono: thanks, I'll look into that :)
@simono: should be ok now
I will be looking forward to it. I am thinking solo entry this time as my last efforts to have a team fell apart :( But I am very excited for another edition of Pyweek! Good luck all.
Fantastic. I shall definately be taking part if I can. Might even do a team think if I can convince some friends from uni to help...
Yay! Zahmekoses and me will be there, too! \o/
W00T! We're getting team HITHS up and running again :D And wow, less than two months? I totally lost track of time ;)
Awesome. I've got two requests if anyone can fullfil them:

Can we please have a a tested and working before pyweek starts? I'd love to see more exe's this time; it would make testing easier.

Can anyone figure out for me how to install pygame and pyopengl to PortablePython? I can't say how much time at home I'll be having available and if I can't code using pygame from my thumbdrive you all may be forced to play a text adventure!
Are you able to install pygame onto your normal python at home, and then copy the pygame folder from the site-packages directory to the portable python site-packages directory?

I think that should work. If that works pyopengl will likely work the same.


Yay. I'm here. :)
Wow, that's closer than I thought... I need a vacation too :)