The “The Stubborn Goat Award for Incorporating a Losing Theme” Award

Presented by rdb to:

I, Castaway (¯\_(ツ)_/¯)

Please read the reamde.txt
Castaway (pokepetter)
Explore an island, shoot arrows.

Are you alone?


How to run on Windows:

Extract the zip file and double click castaway.bat.

If doesn't work, you can open log.txt to see of there are any errors or try the alternative method below.


How to run on Linux by running the non-packaged version:

Requires Python 3.7 or higher and ursina.

1) Install the most recent version of ursina with "pip install"

2) Clone or download the game's repo with "git clone --depth=1"

3) Move into the game's directory and run with "python"


If you get stuck inside geometry:

Press Ctrl+R to reset the player position.

goatforsaken (Attribute Terror)
A losing theme? No. It was a necessary theme. We dare argue that it was even more important than the official theme of PyWeek 30. So we trapped you, the player, on an island of goats. Now that you are a castaway without means of survival, you have no choice but to play this goat-packed game.

As an added bonus, can you figure out what the shape of the island is?

goataway (speedlimit35)

speedlimit35's pyweek30 Theme: castaway (+ goats)

must have python3 and pygame to run

To play game: python3

press space to interact

HOLD arrow keys to move

and don't move in another direction when on the edge

Glitches to watch out for when playing -might have to press space multiple times when trying to interact with goats (or other things) -if you walk on the edge of the wall and cross the borders, you will be teleported some where really far away and the player glitches out. If this happens, you will have to restart the game.

music by me art by me code by me 

goat sound effects by Mike Koenig and