The “The Python 2 is dead award” Award

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(Hexaflexagon Simulator 2019)
Virtual hexaflexagons.
Untitled (Untitled)
Updown World (Donut Hunter)
A world that the player, as food, has to escape from countless eaters day and night. It can go up and down in order to survive in the scary world. Use space button and dodge, dodge, dodge!! My record is 19. Wish the odds be with you!

Updown World Snapshot

Parallel (team 27)
Parallel is a minimalistic Arcade Game, split down the middle into two separate levels. Both levels are different, and you can only see one at a time. You control both players, and if either one runs into an obstacle, it's game over for both of them.

While the screenshots may not seem like a lot, I focused a lot more on animations and special effects this time, so you really have to see the game in action to get a good feel of what it's really like.

Where can we go in two worlds? Well there is only one way to divide us...
Through the Dark (RicBin)

I have been seeing this challenge from the outside for a while, but now i would like to participate to have some fun.

This is my game, the little red dot is the player and the objective is to reach the yellow square, but you are surronded by walls, as you can see in the image is impossible to reach the goal, but there is a way, you can turn off the light with the green square and this will change the the walls surronding you, the problem is that with the light off you can't see any thing, but don't worry you have a very special object that let you shot visible balls around you and this balls will bounce with the wall, showing you the way to the goal, but be careful you only have three shots, of course you can recharge with the blue square.

The Desert and the Sea (mit-mit-25)
"The Desert and the Sea" is a 3D exploration and adventure game set across two parallel worlds. As a cast away on a small tropical island, you encounter mysterious artefacts that provide links to a parallel world: to get back home you need to venture across time and space.

Requires pygame, numpy and PyOpenGL

Windows users installing PyOpenGL: see installation notes in readme.txt.

Playthrough Video:

Game Website:

Crossing the river (Short Name)
For a long time land of orcs and land of goblins was divided by magma river.

Your king are collecting armies and going to conquer a rich neighbour.

He needs a reliable way to quickly cross the flow with all his hordes.

Help him to start a war! Or do something else.

World of a Man Gone Mad (El Ganador)

NEWER VERSION AVAILABLE (much smaller file size + personal records added + minor bug fix)

A Stealth / Bullet Hell / Story game.

I kidnap you and make you play my game and your goal is to escape. 

There are many different endings and 9 items to collect throughout them

It is really hard at first, but take some time in challenge mode and you'll get it i promise

I really hope to see some speedruns!!!  

BIG WINNER ending 9/9 items. Do it in under 3 minutes and i'll be impressed XD

source requires (python 2.7, kivy, and pymunk)

(not tested on python 3)

I really hope the exe works for you guys. For me, there's a little error dialogue box that shows up when you start it. I just click ok and it seems to work fine.

Controls are:

WASD - Move

SPACE - Shoot


ESC - Pause / Return to Menu / Leave Game (not recommended)

Bitetris (xmzhang)

Bitetris,means bi-tetris, player plays two tetris at the same time. As in a Louis Cha novel, Zhou Botong created his unique skill "Left and Right Inter-fighting". I think my game style is this, maybe a little hard, but just for fun. Don't worry, be happy :)

The game is written in kivy, I already package it for android, you can just install the .apk file(githublink). Or if you are on Windows, there is another choice, you can download the .zip file(githublink). Of course you can try the source code(githublink), be sure to follow the installation guide on kivy's official site :) All the versions I have already uploaded here is the same of the github link I mentioned :)


On windows, wsad & ↑↓←→ for control the left & right screen operation

On android, swipe up,down,left,right in left & right screen to control

ps. About the password in title screen. hint is already there :) The game has no sound, sorry about that,  and no animation effect, I am quite lazy in fact :)

yes_no_world (ThEdA_P25)
solo entry for pyweek :)