The “Compatibily Check” Award

Presented by grummi to:

Deep Death (Variant Productions)
This game is about a lonely man (you) trapped in a single room in space after an explosion from the first space station in your neighbor solar system. You must find a way to communicate with your home planet before you run out of oxygen!
One Room (Flappy Dog)
You are an intergalactic carpet fitter on a mission to fit out the Universe 'one room' and one carpet tile at a time! Of course, complications such as monsters arise :-) As you are in the interior design division and not the marines, your only option is to avoid them.

Use WASD to move around or D-pad on a gamepad. You carry 30 tiles at a time, if you run out then return to your ship to get more.

Lightswitch (Lightswitch)
Guess what items are in the dark room to turn on the light!
Vixelli's Adventure (cbrocGames)
Yeah, Vixelli had a pretty good life. He was a main character in a very popular video game, and was well loved. Sadly his life was cut short by a critical game error. Do video game characters go to heaven? First time at PyWeek!
Pi Wizard (Lance)
Im going solo.