PyWeek - Universe Factory 30 - feedback

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Fun 4 Prod 5 Inno 4


- Well made. Strong. Beautyful.
- I finished the game using cheats sometimes.

Fun 5 Prod 5 Inno 5


Wow! Thank you for this experience. I'm a fan of puzzles as you know, so this game really pushed the right buttons for me. It took me a while to figure out what was going on, but once I understood, I had a lot of fun with this. The difficulty level is just right (at least for someone who likes puzzles), I solved this without hints and it felt challenging. All the puzzles were really cool and creative. My favorite one, but also the most finnicky one (could use some tweaking I think), is the one where you control the axis of the moon. Really creative, this is simply not a game I could have imagined. The music was great and relaxing, and the ending was thrilling. My only other complaint is that the zoom in the beginning was too close, and it was a bit disorienting at the start, but once I figured things out I really enjoyed this. This is fantastic, excellent work!

Fun 4 Prod 4 Inno 4


wow, an epileptic warning would be good

nice puzzles and well done.

unfortunately it did not work out of the box (I have tried 3.7, 3.8 and 3.9 without success)

File "...\pw30\the-tide-summoner\tide-summoner-v2\tide-summoner\src\", line 19
_fields = tuple(field for field in ptext._DrawOptions._fields if field not in
SyntaxError: Generator expression must be parenthesized

I had to fix this line in
class _DrawOptions(ptext._DrawOptions):
_fields = tuple((field for field in ptext._DrawOptions._fields if field not in ("surf", "cache")),
) + (

Fun 4 Prod 4 Inno 5


This is really innovative.

Fun 3 Prod 5 Inno 4


Fantastically smooth, and the audio feels satisfying, soothing and amazing. Unfortunately, the most important gameplay element—towing the moon around—felt a bit repetitive and finicky (finicky due to having to go around the planet several times to make sure it's lined up properly). As the game goes along, it transforms gradually from quite satisfying into quite boring. Quite a shame, really, due to the fantastic production value.

In the beginning I didn't know I could zoom out so I was basically randomly bumping into islands. Positioning the camera a bit further back (looking forward at the ship) would have made it easier to see where I was going.

Not really seeing the connection to the theme.

Fun 4 Prod 5 Inno 5


What a delightful game. Mute discovery is a great theme when done right, as this is - the sense of mystery is wonderfully suspenseful. I loved it even though the frantic colors and spinning at the end made me dizzy.

Very clever use of elements and physics to create the puzzles, a superb (very welcome and heavily used :)) hint system, realistic mechanics and smooth motion, pleasant graphic designs, and crafty animations create an immersive environment that is chock full of surprises: quality at its best. Cosmo, your innovative mind and designer's eye are enviable.

Mary's tracks carry a special, comfortably compelling mood. I find them especially appealing. Mary, I love your talent and I hope you keep coming back.

Fun 4 Prod 4 Inno 4


It's great, I recommend it to everyone. There puzzles are sort of possible to figure out, but pressing Ctrl is also very easy if you are stuck. Somehow the fact that it's a modifier key makes it feel less like cheating. (I would feel more guilty for pressing a "HINT" button.) The 3D stuff is simple but works perfectly and fits the theme very well. Music is great, and I liked how new instruments were added. The last stage is a bit confusing, but feels like I'm in a planetary disco. That's a plus.

Fun 5 Prod 5 Inno 5


Super amazing ... I love the fact that the entire world is procedurally generated, not a single obj file :) This was a super unique game concept, love the use of the theme on so many levels, I found the whole experience very intuitive: the only hint I needed was splashing the one where you set the axis. The audio design was also super tight, I loved the chimes and climbing notes on discovering each island, also loved the way you gradually zoomed out to discover what was going on. This is pretty much a perfect pyweek entry: even though I give this a triple-5 rating, if I was to provide one piece of criticism, it's that I thought perhaps the player's boat is a bit plain/unfinished looking: perhaps this could have been styled to look more like a real boat to match the other visuals? Don't know, maybe just my opinion :) right now, with it as it is I'd say this is a close second for my fav pyweek game of all time, but with that boat looking more like a traditional boat, I reckon it would make a close first :)))) ...

Fun 3 Prod 4 Inno 3


Quite well done, though without the hints I'd have been horribly lost.

Fun 3 Prod 2 Inno 3


Game was ok, low production rating for manual fixes for python3.7+ very repetitive music and low quality of 3D models.

Did not work


> python .\
pygame 1.9.6
Hello from the pygame community.
Traceback (most recent call last):
File ".\", line 1, in <module>
from src import maff, main
File "F:\Downloads\pyweek\tide-summoner-v1\src\", line 6, in <module>
from . import view, ptextgl, control, graphics, pview, world, state, thing, hud, quest, sound
File "F:\Downloads\pyweek\tide-summoner-v1\src\", line 4, in <module>
from . import settings, pview, world, state, quest
File "F:\Downloads\pyweek\tide-summoner-v1\src\", line 4, in <module>
from . import state, world, view, enco, sound, graphics, thing, settings, ptextgl
File "F:\Downloads\pyweek\tide-summoner-v1\src\", line 19
_fields = tuple(field for field in ptext._DrawOptions._fields if field not in