PyWeek - Flowing Magic - feedback

Did not work


I managed to log in and get in a game but I can't seem to make it do anything.

Looks nice though.

Did not work


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Well, i could get the game started (I could login with one of the test accounts), but then I got the error above. Not sure what I did wrong.

Sorry, not sure if a web game is the best idea for pyweek.

Fun 2 Prod 4 Inno 3


I like the board graphic presentation and movements of the cards. I had trouble understanding what to do, but that's partly because I don't normally play this kind of card game. You may consider adding a couple of layers of tutorial for newbies like me.

Did not work


It is hard to evaluate online multiplayer games. Looks like it is just not working for me. I tried to move cards around and something happens. One or two card moved. May be I have slow Internet connection or high ping.

Did not work


There were no instructions / README telling me how to play the game. After running "python" I saw I needed kivy. I pip installed this in my virtualenv and now it just says:

ModuleNotFoundError: No module named ''


Fun 2 Prod 4 Inno 3


uuuh I don't know how to play magic.... but the sign in was epic and internet stuff was epic and it was epic

Fun 1 Prod 2 Inno 3

Unicorn Markets

ehh, seems sort of incomplete.

Did not work


I'm sure there is a good game here, but I just can't judge it. There is no README, no requirements.txt, and guessing which dependencies I need only gets me so far until I get DLL load errors I can't figure out. Eventually I gave up and tried the Windows binary, but even then there are no instructions on what to do and the interface gives me absolutely no clues. Once clicking "Resume game xyz" nothing I click or drag seems to do anything, and right-clicking just places red dots.

I really lament having to give you my first DNW rating ever; I try to avoid giving DNW ratings but I don't know how else to rate it. Nonetheless, good job on finishing PyWeek.

Fun 1 Prod 2 Inno 3


For me, the client has an extremely system locking (resource intensive?) wait loop whenever a request is made to the server. For example, by dragging a card around.

It wasn't obvious from the diary entry what was going on:

There's a main board with 8 colored slots. You put cards on these slots (spending mana). At the end of a player's turn, they rotate clockwise. If the card matches the slot color, it damages the player on whichever side of the board the player is on. So you usually want to place cards so as to "send" them to the opponents board and damage them.

Except that's only for cards with a blue top third. Cards with a yellow top third just deal damage to the opponent right away.

Right now, the blue cards seem to just serve as a timer delaying attacks.

Its nice that someone tried to make this though.

Did not work


Sorry, I had trouble getting kivy installed. I wouldn't have minded a readme telling me what the dependencies are. If I have a chance I'll come back and try again.

Did not work


Connected to a game, but waiting for opponent(I imagine you left a game open so people could try) it crashed.

Did not work


I tried one of the test accounts. I first resumed to the first game and tried to click everything, but nothing happened. Then when I click start a new game the game just crashes itself. D: