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Did not work


I was looking forward to playing this game, but sadly it failed to run :'(

Here are the last couple of lines of the stacktrace:
File "kivy\core\window\_window_sdl2.pyx", line 224, in kivy.core.window._windo
File "kivy\core\window\_window_sdl2.pyx", line 74, in kivy.core.window._window

[INFO ] [Text ] Provider: sdl2
[CRITICAL] [App ] Unable to get a Window, abort.

I've been searching for this error message of course, but I don't have time right now to try the list of possible solutions.
But from what I can gather is that it might be a problem with my graphics card.

Did not work


I get the following after entering my name:

File "alchemiststower-0.0.2/pypercard/", line 622, in play
self.player.loop = repeat
AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'loop'

Fun 4 Prod 4 Inno 4


Nice done.

The only issue I had was that the navigation arrow changed from screen to screen (I would have expected to always turn left on the left bottom button.... which confused me when I just clicked to navigate until I noticed they are different for each screen).

Did not work


Linux Mint, I get an error message:

x11 - ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'kivy.core.window.window_x11'

I tried a suggestion I found online (pip install git+, checked out a few other posts, then gave up

Fun 3 Prod 3 Inno 3


Great attention to atmospheric sound and music. The photographic style was

One drawback of the photographic imagery is that it definitely seemed to place me "in the real world" rather than a fantasy world; I think you would have to introduce more fantasy cues if you want me to feel immersed.

The game was really not at all challenging. I think there were two puzzles and they were both "remember a thing". But exploring was fun nevertheless.

Fun 3 Prod 4 Inno 3


This was cool: I liked the setting for the story, and the use of images and music: sometimes it was a bit challenging to navigate around in the world, like the arrows didn’t seem like they went to the right spots. Also, it would be cool if this was expanded to have more puzzles (there were really only two puzzles for me?). I liked the metaphor for the python programming language: it really is like alchemy :)

Fun 1 Prod 2 Inno 2

Unicorn Markets

Just didn't really get me involved very deeply. More like watching a movie and reading a book than playing a video game. Kind of Mystesque without being able to go anywhere and puzzles that are very mild.

Fun 3 Prod 3 Inno 3


This was pretty neat. I liked the music and the overall pace. Part of me wanted to rush along until I just settled in and enjoyed it. I was confused though (and didn't finish the game) after I hit a possible bug - I had found and read the Red Book before meeting the Swiss man again when he said that I must read the book ... or maybe there was some subtlety that I missed.

Did not work


Sorry I never got to play your game. It was one of the ones I had my eye on :-)
I'm on Linux Mint (Linux 4.10.0-38-generic #42~16.04.1-Ubuntu SMP Tue Oct 10 16:32:20 UTC 2017 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux)

I fixed the first issue I ran into by installing xclip:

sudo apt-get install xclip xsel

But after that there were AudioSDL2 errors which I couldn't resolve.

Fun 2 Prod 3 Inno 2


did not like game because I thought it was too long for me

Fun 4 Prod 4 Inno 3


Short game, but the atmosphere was really nice.

It did need more and more challenging puzzles. The number combination was the only thing I struggled a bit with, but that was mostly because I mistook the Ⅼ for an Ⅰ at first.

I also found myself quite disoriented most of the time. It wasn't quite obvious how the different scenes connected spatially, and the directional buttons changing place wasn't exactly helping with the intuition either.

I would have appreciated if the textual cards were click-to-proceed (possibly with a countdown for automatic advancement) since I'd not be sure when the card would proceed automatically, and would end up reading the card quickly, then waiting for it to advance.

I noticed that right click placed a dot on the screen. That didn't appear to have any effect, though.

Fun 3 Prod 4 Inno 3


I wonder how far we live apart, if I could write my comment in fat Züridütsch, or whether the inspiration of using a location around lake Zurich was as random as was mine of using a location in the USA.

I like the mood you set and it instantly gave me a flash back to Myst/Riven times, clicking my self through photographs, trying to solve mysterious puzzles!

I enjoyed it and tried to explore every aspect of it. Was a bit annoyed at the red dots I could place on screen with the RMB... Maybe giving the possibility to skip dialogue would be helpful, especially if one accidentally presses ESC and has to start over ;)

Fun 2 Prod 3 Inno 3


It was quite complicated to get this running (using linux)... I had to figure out dozen of system packages that needed to be installed to get kivy installed (and on some of the attempts, it installed with warnings but then didn't work).

I wasn't able to enjoy it... The pictures are intriguing, and there is some mystic to the story (which I probably would have enjoy more if I had more context about Carl Gustav...Jung?). The idea of navigating between the pictures was innovative, but I felt lost; there wasn't a clear connect between some parts; I felt that going left and right didn't end up in the same place sometimes, or that in some occasions left meant "turn" and others slide... (and after playing, I noticed that I had missed several places. I know navigation is not the point of the game at all, but the feeling of being somewhat lost generated a bit of frustration that degrades the experience.

So, as a "game" it felt a bit like playing PowerPoint. I'm glad that the content (photography+music) was beautiful, I think that's mostly what pulled me to end it. I might have enjoyed this interactive story/experience with a different format.