The castaway logo - Please enjoy playing :)


# Who are we?
We're *ClicksMinutePer*, a small team of developers making cool stuff (we think it's cool ok) on the internet. Our main pastimes are playing around with discord bots and tearing our hair out at the  ~̶d̶e̶b̶u̶g̶g̶e̶r̶~̶  print statements trying to diagnose the issue.

# Why does your URL say DragDev?
We renamed our team

# What are our ideas for the competition?
Our ideas are what they always are: bad. In all seriousness though, we will probably end up making a discord bot- that's what we know how to do best. Unless the theme turns out to be something like "first person shooter". We find that first person shooters generally don't work the best on discord.

# Will you be editing this page throughout the competition?
If I feel like it.

# How do I play your game?
You can get a copy from the files down below and follow the instructions in the readme to get it set up. Once you’ve got it running, you can run the `tutorial` command to have an explanation of how to play. Alternatively, you can join our game in our copy in our [discord server](, however this will still receive updates after the competition.

# Can I join?

# How can we contact you?
At the moment the best way is probably through our [discord server](, or in our discord DMs at *Minion3665#6456*, *TheCodedProf#2583* or *PineappleFan#9955*. If you need a slower response we also have email (**). If you want to never get answered, we'd suggest our github issue trackers.

# Who did what to contribute?
Minion3665 : Team organiser, Developer
TheCodedProf : Developer
PineappleFan : Developer

Note from late 2020: we've had to remove the code as in light of recent events we've realised that some words used could be offensive to some people. We're very sorry. Unfortunately, we will not be updating this to put back the code as we do not believe that updating a barely functional (according to your reviews) game is the best use of our time. We are very sorry for any inconveniences.

> Thanks for looking at our page, and may the best team win, and may we come second!
> Good luck 🎉


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Overall: 2.2
Fun: 2
Production: 2
Innovation: 2.5

75% respondents marked the game as not working.
0% of respondents wished to disqualify the entry.
Respondents: 2


File Uploader Date
The castaway logo - Please enjoy playing :)
Minion3665 2020/09/27 09:51
A screenshot of us playing the game
Minion3665 2020/09/27 09:48

Diary Entries

PineappleFan - Developer

PineappleFan was a developer on our team in PyWeek 30, as he's helped myself and TheCodedProf make discord bots in the past. We invited him on both for his development skills and the motivation he helps to provide (by constantly saying 'are we *actually* going to work on it' and 'what do we still need to do?').

A week really isn't a long time. It always feels so much shorter with things you enjoy.
PyWeek was no exception, with time constantly running out - especially with a pretty large project like Castaway.

The goal of the bot was an idle game over Discord, while working with other server members to escape your island.
That idea is exactly what we managed to make in the end, with randomly generated islands for your server to explore.
Time constraints obviously played a big part in the final product, but overall it was what we wanted.

The project was enjoyable, especially having to make working projects in very little time, and working as a team with code that works with each others' .
One of the biggest mistakes we made was leaving the whole project to the latter half of the week, which meant most of the core functionality was rushed.