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Did not work


not sure if a discord bot solution is the best, I didn't get it to work

Did not work


Would be good to have an offline 'demo' mode without using discord.

Did not work


The recommended server is down, and to play it on my own it seems like I need to set up a Discord server (or give it permissions for my account).

Did not work


Looks like a lot of effort has gone into this, but unfortunately you've made it cumbersome to run this entry by requiring this to be run as a Discord bot. A command-line version of it would have been useful so that it could be evaluated by more people.

Did not work


I'd prefer being able to try it without joining a Discord server.

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It didn't seem to work to well and collecting items took a long time.

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The bot is a bit of a pain, since it only appears to accept commands from one user, after spending quite a lot more time on getting this title up and running.

The game is obviously meant to be played at a slower pace than I was willing to spend time on to test, so don't get mad when I tell you that I cheated and decreased waiting time for materials by a lot!!

I like that you tried to go at this challenge with a different approach, doing a discord bot.

Disqualify because breaks Rule 10 IMHO:
I sincerely hope you grow out of the at times a bit too out of touch comments in your code and entry page... It may be funny to you now, but things like that can come back to haunt you later in life and you probably wont find it as funny as you did back when it was written...

Did not work


requires discord