PineappleFan - Developer

PineappleFan was a developer on our team in PyWeek 30, as he's helped myself and TheCodedProf make discord bots in the past. We invited him on both for his development skills and the motivation he helps to provide (by constantly saying 'are we *actually* going to work on it' and 'what do we still need to do?').

A week really isn't a long time. It always feels so much shorter with things you enjoy.
PyWeek was no exception, with time constantly running out - especially with a pretty large project like Castaway.

The goal of the bot was an idle game over Discord, while working with other server members to escape your island.
That idea is exactly what we managed to make in the end, with randomly generated islands for your server to explore.
Time constraints obviously played a big part in the final product, but overall it was what we wanted.

The project was enjoyable, especially having to make working projects in very little time, and working as a team with code that works with each others' .
One of the biggest mistakes we made was leaving the whole project to the latter half of the week, which meant most of the core functionality was rushed.

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The recommended server looks down. Do I need to set up a Discord server to play this game?
Hey! Yea, very sorry, we got raided and are still setting everything back up. You will need a discord server. (When I get stuff back I'll put our copy back too and update this- watch this space)
It's back up, sorry for the downtime. You can play (as before) by joining if you would not like to be bothered to set up a discord server & bot for yourself.

Obviously we do suggest that you setup your own copy for judging if you in any way want to make sure that our instructions are good enough to set up a copy yourself or that we're not running a modified copy or anything.

Enjoy :)