in game puzzle screenshot


Hoping to use some new libraries this time around. Hoping to make a fun game.


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Overall: 2.9
Fun: 2.4
Production: 3.2
Innovation: 3.0

1% of respondents wished to disqualify the entry.
Respondents: 21


File Uploader Date
Windows Binary
gizmo_thunder 2010/04/01 12:20
in game puzzle screenshot
gizmo_thunder 2010/04/01 10:12
Final Submission (with sounds)
gizmo_thunder 2010/04/01 10:07
Have to add music if i find time
gizmo_thunder 2010/04/01 07:53
Menus needed
gizmo_thunder 2010/04/01 04:23
another screen shot
gizmo_thunder 2010/03/31 21:43
screen shot of game
gizmo_thunder 2010/03/31 21:39

Diary Entries

Working on Learning required Libs

So i've been trying to figure out what libs to use and to get the package ready for playing.. you know creating the exe for windows and such.
  • installing required libs                                [check]
  • checking if py2exe works with required libs  [check]
  • getting the dist scripts ready                      [check] 
as usual i have been thinking about a concept that will incorporate all the themes put for voting :) .. i know.. sounds ridiculous.. but has worked pretty well so far so.. trying to do it again.. :D    


Have to Stop Now

So ill' be travelling and won't be able to work for the next two days on my game.. but i've managed to put together a decent amount of gameplay and more importantly it is complete :)
I had to aim low to keep up with the time but i think i managed ok .. there isn't as much polish in the game as i would like but can't help it.

Grab the final version FoxRun (sorry for the un-creative name.. couldn't come up with anything better :D)

There isn't a good menu for the game so did not bother to put it up :D just basic start screen.
Hope you like my game. ..  oo oo.. btw.. do check out this site if you are looking for music. Amazing site.. pretty good music..

All the best to you guys.. I will be back for judging :D


Are you facing problems running FoxRun?

Hi fellow pyweekers.. i was wondering if everybody is able to run foxrun game fine?
If you face any problems running it.. please let me know so that i can help you fix it and run :)
Just for recap.. here are the features you should look out for in my game:
  •  Full 3D game
  • Dynamically generated in game puzzle. 
  • Dynamically generated map (object placement and road curves)
  • 3D Key frame animation.

Please don't forget to rate my game.
Note that you can download the windows binary if you are facing problem installing pyglet.
happy rating..